Portable Vaporizers are a style of vaporizer that are designed for… you guessed it, portability! If you are constantly on-the-go and don’t have time to wait 20 minutes for your vaporizer to heat up, a portable vaporizer is the perfect solution. These vaporizers are compact, lightweight, and fast acting.

WickiePipes has the best selection of portable and handheld vaporizers from top brands like DaVinci Vaporizer, Magic Flight, Vapor Genie, PAX, Firefly and more. Choose pipes style, digital vapes, glass vapes, or multi-functional units. Many of our vaporizers even come in a variety of color options so that you can vape in style. Whether you are vaping dry-herbs, concentrates, or both, we have the perfect portable vaporizer for you.

Portable Vaporizers

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