Ultimate Pipe - Glass Blunt Hand Pipe

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Ultimate Pipe - Glass Blunt Hand Pipe

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Product description
Ultimate Pipe presents the world’s first quartz glass blunt smoking pipe that splits open for a quick, easy clean, and offers a 2-in-1 feature to smoke & enjoy dabbing using just one pipe. The revolutionary patented Ultimate Pipe uses a chamber made from 99.86% hand cut quartz glass, and is installed with a custom made Top Hat stainless steel filtration screen all housed in a thick, shockproof, heat resistant silicone sleeve that can withstand 550℉ degrees of heat. The direct- injection Ultimate Pipe makes it easy to front load up to 1 gram of dry to last the entire day. To enjoy dabbing, simply pull the front sleeve off, and heat the quartz glass - quartz can be heated up to 3,000℉ degrees. No need to remove the front sleeve when smoking dry ! Ultimate Pipe delivers a clean, cool and smooth smoking experience all around.
The pipe is pocket friendly at 4 inches in length, travel safe and virtually indestructible. To clean the Ultimate Pipe, pull off the silicone sleeve, heat the chamber using a lighter and wipe clean if you’re on-the-go. Or you can use soap and water, alcohol wipes, and pipe cleaning solutions as well. Made in USA.

Each Ultimate Pipe comes with a pop-top glass jar that double as an airtight herb container which stores up to 8 grams of herb - 1/4 oz.

Available in 5 colors: black, blue, camouflage, pink and purple.

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