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Vapor Genie
Vapor Genie - Coil Bat Vaporizer $42.00
Vapor Genie Coil is the world’s first bat-styled vaporizer which uses a patented high purity inert silicon carbide ceramic flame filter, made of silicon and carbon. The Vapor Genie Coil is made of stainless steel wire, and consists of 5 Coils precisely compressed to avoid any air leaks. The flame filter acts as a heat transport where heat and cool air are combined to create vapors! The Vapor Genie Coil will not be clogged with tar, because very little tar is produced by vaporization! Vapor Genies flame filter does not burn or deteriorate, since it doesn’t contain metals, thus eliminating replacement! Nevertheless, for added filtration, Vapor Genie uses a 316 stainless steel mesh screen - the most chemically inert alloy of stainless steel. Simply, grab both opposite ends of the Coil; twist/pull apart the portion of the Coil containing the flame filter, and to unveil the bowl. Loosely pack the bowl with ground s, combine both pieces back together, and apply flame while inhaling to create vapors. The Vapor Genie Coil vaporizer easily and completely disassembles for easy cleaning. Please view the Vapor Genie Coil video on the bottom to learn more!
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Vapor Genie
Vapor Genie - Glass Sherlock Vaporizer $125.00
Vapor Genie Glass Sherlock vaporizer is clearly the first to have transformed the Sherlock pipe design right before our eyes. Made with Schott borosilicate German glass, measuring 2.5 mm thick-wall, the uncompromising VaporGenie Glass Sherlock vaporizer is sure durable. The 19mm ground-glass joint design allows access to your bowl – simply remove the top portion containing the ceramic flame filter to fill your bowl, insert back and apply flame. In addition, the VG Glass Sherlock has a 50% deeper bowl compared to VG’s other models. Using the same patented high purity inert silicon carbide ceramic flame filter, replacing will never be necessary. The 316 stainless steel mesh screen provides added filtration for a more pleasant vaporizing experience. VaporGenie Glass Sherlock vaporizer can easily be cleaned, since very little tar is created during vaporization. Includes: Protective Padded Pouch.
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Magic Flight
Magic Flight - Launch Box Vaporizer from $119.99
Magic Flight Launch Box is the World's smallest vaporizer, and is very easy to use and to maintain. It is hand made from organic renewable Birch Wood in America. Magic Flight Launch Box requires no lighters, just 1-AA battery. Move the Plexiglass to the side, fill the Box with your favorite smoking blends and close. Insert the battery from the side and hold it in until the light turns on. At this point you will be vaporizing in less than 5 seconds.

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