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Fumo Pipe - Group Bowl $14.99
Group Bowl by The Fumo Pipe, provides one and a half time more bowl area, and a new stand-out design compared to its standard size original bowl. The Fumo Pipe Group Bowl is precisely machined from solid billet brass and polished to perfection. Simply clean with a quick wipe!
Proto Pipe
Proto Pipe - Rocket 3-Inch Brass Hand Pipe $98.95
Introducing the original Proto Pipe Rocket, from the designer of the famous Proto Pipe! Proto Pipe Rocket is compact and features a permanent screen filter. Further built-in accessories include a 5 bowl equivalent extra herb storage compartment, cleaning poker rod, a swivel Bowl Top Clip for hand rolled and bottom swivel lid for the tar chamber. Made by hand from solid brass & brass components in California, a twenty-seven step process makes the Proto Pipe Rocket a true hand crafted art. Measurements: 1" H/ 1" L/ 3" W
Proto Pipe
Proto Pipe - Classic 3-Inch Brass Hand Pipe $89.95
Proto Pipe brought sheer convenience to pipe smokers and enthusiasts alike with a clever design, by attaching often used pipe accessories to a pipe! Proto Pipe Classic, formerly known as Proto Pipe Deluxe, is a permanent screen-less pipe built-in with a storage compartment, and a cleaning poker rod. Made from solid brass and brass components, the Proto Pipe Classic will never break, is really easy to clean, fits in any pocket and will last a lifetime. Proto Pipes features include; a deep bowl with a swivel lid, a storage unit fastened directly in the body which holds 5 bowls worth of herb and also works as a bowl tamper, a strong cleaning poker rod used to clean most parts of the pipe, a rubber mouthpiece and a Tar Trap found directly underneath the bowl that removes for complete cleaning. Made in USA. Proto Pipe Classic pioneered the design of attaching often used pipe accessories to a pipe! The pipe combines a storage unit that holds 5 bowls worth of herb, a cleaning poker rod and a Tar Trap which removes for easy cleaning. Made from 100% brass, Proto Pipe will last a lifetime. Measurements: 1" H/ 1" L/ 3" W
7Pipe - Twisty Glass Blunt $39.99
Made from brass and thick 2mm glass, the 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt pipe is the world’s first glass blunt that can used as a pipe or an attachment to any 14mm water pipe! Designed with an auger system, simply fill the glass tube with and twist counter-clockwise to feed the chamber - light & enjoy! Twist clockwise to ash and refresh. The two rubber end-caps allow for secure storing and traveling by sealing both ends.
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Fumo Pipe - Push-Carb Button System Original $27.99
The original Fumo Pipe Push-Carb button system comes fully equipped with an O-rings.
Bad Ash
Bad Ash - One-Hitter Pipe 3-Inch Brass & Exotic Wood $8.99
A hybrid one-hitter for herb users made from brass and exotic woods to smoke herbs in style. The Bad Ash hybrid brass & wood 3-inch one-hitter pipe is compact, portable and durable. The one-hitter offers a sharp bladed-edge bowl that slices through herbs for easy loading and it’s made using exotic woods. Provided with an inner brass design, you'll enjoy a cooler smoke and easy cleaning. Made in Franklin, Indiana, USA. Compatible with the 4-inch dugout smoking system. Choose Bad Ash One-Hitter in five wood styles: Chakte Viga, Mahogany, Paduk, Purpleheart, and Walnut. Weight: 0.34 oz.Measurement: 3" H/ 0.25" D
7Pipe - Twisty Glass Blunt Mini $34.99
The 7Pipe Twisty Glass Mini is a compact, beautifully designed hand pipe that not only acts as a blunt without the harmful tobacco but it can easily be attached to your 14mm water pipe. The Mini is about 50% smaller than the original design so it is perfect for anyone who enjoys the occasional hit, long slow puffs, or a blunt without the tobacco. This piece fits about ½ gram of your favorite consisting of five unique chambers that can be ashed and capped. With the cool pull technology, water pipe attachment capabilities, and high-quality materials the Twisty Glass Blunt makes for a great smoking companion. No need to carry extra herb - just load & go.
Piece Pipe
Piece Pipe $39.99
Piece Pipe is a stealth on-the-go smoking pipe to elevate your travel & smoking experience. Made using Sweden’s finest brass, Piece Pipe offers durability, and a clean smoking experiance. The innovative patented 3-piece Piece Pipe is retracble, and it pulls out to reveal the pipe and built-in herb storage that equivalently holds up to three bowls of herbs. Piece Pipe offers a screenless bowl design, it stays cool to the touch, and looks stealth. Piece Pipe is compact, and elegantly design to offers both fashion and function. Disguised as a stylish key ring that you can easily attach to your keys or bag, it truly is the ultimate stealth-smoking accessory. For easy cleaning, the Piece Pipe comes apart in seconds. Just use regular soap and water to wipe clean.

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