Jellyfish Glass
Jellyfish Glass - For The Love Of JAH 5-Inch Glass... $23.99
For The Love Of Jah by Jellyfish Glass is an amazing glass spoon pipe measuring 5 inches in length. This black hand pipe has very unique colors and even gives off a purple glare. Stretching down the center of the pipe from the mouthpiece, through the bottom of the bowl piece are red, yellow, and green Rasta stripes. Two clear glass bubbles in the center of this piece make it extremely easy to grip and the large bowl piece makes packing party bowls fun and easy. Made from solid cane borosilicate glass. Measurements: 1.5" H/ 5" L/ 1.75" W
Piece Pipe
Piece Pipe $39.99
Piece Pipe is the essential on-the-go smoking pipe to elevate your travel & smoking experience. Its compact, elegant design offers both fashion and function. Disguised as a stylish key ring that you can easily attach to your keys or bag, it truly is the ultimate stealth-smoking accessory. Made using Sweden’s finest metals, the patented Piece Pipe has a storage compartment that holds up to three bowls, stays cool to the touch, and is odorless. For easy cleaning, the Piece Pipe comes apart in seconds. Just use regular soap and water to wipe clean.Choose Piece Pipe in 2 colors: chrome & brass.
Starfish Designs
Starfish Designs - Nightwatchman $34.99
The Nightwatchman by Starfish Designs comes a glass pipe unlike any other. Nightwatchman glass pipe is blown with solid cane. Its unique shape and length supports a much cooler, cleaner and condensed smoke. It takes the smoke a longer period of time to travel through the foot long glass which acts as a cooling barrier.Choose Nightwatchman in 6 colors: aqua, black, blue, green, pink & white.

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