Trailer Park Boys - The Ricky Silibong Water Pipe - Green

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The Trailer Park Boys Ricky Silibong Water Pipe's one of a kind silicone straight tube design delivers all of the benefits of a traditional glass water pipe without any of the drawbacks. The Trailer Park Boys Silibong will never break or chip thanks to its indestructible silicone construction. It is also incredibly lightweight and is able to fold for easy transport, making it great for use while on the go. The Silibong features a removable silicone ice-catch disk so you may fill it with ice for even smoother hits and official Trailer Park Boys branded 14mm glass-on-glass bowl & downstem.
The Trailer Park Boys Ricky Silibong Water Pipe features graphics of your favorite character along the tube so you can show your love for the gang in style. This 14" water pipe features an innovative unbreakable silicone straight tube design that's incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver and transport. Enjoy all the benefits you've come to love from traditional water pipes with the added security of never having to worry about breakage or serious damage with the Silibong's 100% silicone construction. It features an official Trailer Park Boys branded downstem and bowl with the likeness of Ricky prominently displayed on the tube.The Silibong also folds for easy travel and storage, making it a conveniently portable choice for the active smoker. It also features a removable silicone ice-catch disk so you may easily fill the water pipe with ice for cooler, smoother hits. Additionally, the base of the Silibong doubles as a suction cup. The cup attaches securely to any flat surface, preventing any unwanted spills from occuring.
Weight 1lb 10oz
Material Silicone
Glass on Glass No
Measurements 14" H/ 5" L"/ 4.5" D
Percolator Standard Perc
Height 14"
Tube Diameter 50mm
Ice Catcher Ice Disk
Joint Glass On Glass
Joint Size 18mm
Joint Type Female
Bowl Joint Size 14mm
Downstem Type Slitted Diffused
Downstem Length 3.5"

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