Aqua Pipe
Aqua Pipe $19.99
Aqua Pipe, since 1979 this nifty all-in-one handheld water pipe has shown the world’s first, indestructible, compact, pocket size water pipe with a 90-degree swivel mouthpiece built-in! For added convenience, the bowl and downstem are one-piece which makes filling and cleaning seamless – just twist-off the bowl. Aqua Pipes bowl construction is made of heat resistant plastic, the same material used in industrial plastic ashtrays, while the water reservoir is regular medical-grade plastic. It does not melt or emit fumes. Aqua Pipe stand 4" inches tall, and 1.40" inches in diameter. Available in 5 attractive colors. TIP: please don’t try melting the bowl, because you’ll succeed!
7Pipe - Twisty Glass Blunt $39.99
Made from brass and thick 2mm glass, the 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt pipe is the world’s first glass blunt that can used as a pipe or an attachment to any 14mm water pipe! Designed with an auger system, simply fill the glass tube with and twist counter-clockwise to feed the chamber - light & enjoy! Twist clockwise to ash and refresh. The two rubber end-caps allow for secure storing and traveling by sealing both ends.
7Pipe - Twisty Glass Blunt Mini $34.99
The 7Pipe Twisty Glass Mini is a compact, beautifully designed hand pipe that not only acts as a blunt without the harmful tobacco but it can easily be attached to your 14mm water pipe. The Mini is about 50% smaller than the original design so it is perfect for anyone who enjoys the occasional hit, long slow puffs, or a blunt without the tobacco. This piece fits about ½ gram of your favorite consisting of five unique chambers that can be ashed and capped. With the cool pull technology, water pipe attachment capabilities, and high-quality materials the Twisty Glass Blunt makes for a great smoking companion. No need to carry extra herb - just load & go.
7Pipe - Twisty Glass Blunt Mini Replacement Glass Tube -... $14.99
The 7Pipe Twisty Glass Mini Blunt replacements tubes are made from thick 2mm glass. In case of accidents or to have for extra storage, the Twisty Glass Tubes are a must! Comes standard with rubber end caps. 2 pack.
Chill Gear
Chill Gear - Forever Small 12-Inch Water Pipe $80.00
The Small Forever Water Pipe by Chill Gear is perfect for on-the-go adventures or just daily use around the house. It’s unique design and finish makes it virtually indestructible and great for any party or outdoor activity such as camping, boarding, hiking, and biking. The Small Forever Water Pipe has a built-in Ice Catcher / Diffuser, it is dishwasher and freezer safe, and it is extremely easy to assemble / disassemble. This 12.3-inch bong fresh out of Vancouver, Washington is the perfect unbreakable piece for any occasion made from anodized aluminum.Measurements: 12" H/ 3" L/ 2.5" DChoose Chill Small Forever Water Pipe in 6 colors: black, forest green, monster green, red, turquoise & drab.
CVault - Small 1/2 OZ. Airtight Stainless Steel Storage Container $21.50
CVault air tight container combined with the 62% Humidipak truly creates the ultimate humid environment for storing , spices and fine tobacco. The Humidipak patented 2-way humidity control technology ensures a relative humidity of 62%. The light weight stainless steel construction of CVault defines maximum durability, and offers a no hassle maintenance free system. CVault’s triple latch design locks in total freshness by controlling air, light and humidity to preserve your products. Moreover, underneath the lid you’ll find the specially designed Humidipak holder and the thick silicon ring which keeps the CVault air tight, and smell proof! Once the Humidipak solidifies and starts to feel granular, please replace it. For best results replace your Humidipak between 60 to 90 days.   Size: 1.75" H/ 3.25" D Capacity: 1/2 OZ. | 14 Grams Uses 1 Boveda 8 gram Humidipak - "included"
7Pipe - Twisty Glass Blunt Replacement Glass Tube - 2... $14.99
The 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt replacements tubes are made from thick 2mm glass. In case of accidents or to have for extra storage, the Twisty Glass Tubes are a must! Comes standard with rubber end caps. 2 pack.
Bling - Glass~Metal~Ceramic Pipe Cleaner 16 OZ. $9.99
Bling - 1 minute pipe cleaner is formulated to clean only Pyrex-Glass, Metal and Ceramic pipes in under a minute, without the hassle of scrubbing, or waiting long-hours to soak - thanks to its AbrasivAction™ shake clean technology. Simply, place pipes in an air-tight bag with a mixture of Bling than shake for 1-minute. Enjoy clean fresh-scented pipes.16 OZ. bottle.

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