Famous Brandz
Cheech & Chong - Jade East 8-Inch Glass Dab Rig... $69.99
The Cheech & Chong Up in Smoke Jade East glass dab rig by Famous Brandz is a well-crafted 7.25” piece that’s ready to delivery oils and concentrates like it should. Jade East is made from borosilicate glass and features include a straight-neck mouthpiece with colored accents around the rim, a 14mm female vapor dome and nail. Jade East fixed downstem leads to a double-tier showerhead percolator which provides optimal filtration and hearty hits. Measurements: 7.5" H/ 4" L/ 4" W
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Famous Brandz
Cheech & Chong - Anthony 8-Inch Glass Dab Rig Water... $69.99
The Cheech & Chong Up in Smoke Anthony glass dab rig by Famous Brandz is expertly-made from clear and colored borosilicate glass tubing. Anthony is amongst popular travel friendly rigs that provides excellent smoking experience with oils and concentrates. Standing 9” tall, features include a 14mm female vapor dome and nail. The bent neck mouthpiece and fixed double-tier showerhead percolator provide premium filtration, robust hits, and a comfortable, quality smoking experience. Measurements: 8" H/ 4" L/ 3.5" W
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EYCE - Silicone 6-Inch Dab Rig Bubbler $44.99
The EYCE Silicone Dab Rig is one of the most unique rigs on the market. The silicone build is travel friendly and easy to clean and collect reclaim. On the bottom of the rig is a built in oil container and the base comes with a metal dabber and placeholder. The 10mm reversible G2 domeless titanium nail distributes and holds heat evenly, while the attached diffused downstem pulls the smoke through the water. If you have the EYCE Bubbler in your collection, you can use the stem cap on the rig, too. When you’re ready to clean your dab rig, simply remove the nail, poker, and bottom stash and wash with warm water and soap.

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