Mori Design
Mori Design
Mori Design - 0.625 Inch Titanium Dome Screen - 1... $5.49
Keep your Raydiator Pipe optimal air flow with original 0.625" Mori Design grade 2 titanium replacement dome screens. Prevent large particles from passing through for an enjoyable fresh smoking experience. Mori Design titanium screens are reusable and cleans easily with alcohol wipes. Replace after heavy residue build up, or when necessary. Made in USA.Includes plastic case!
Mori Design
Mori Design - Raydiator Titanium Hand Pipe $119.99
Mori Design Raydiator Titanium Hand Pipe is designed for lifelong adventures. Raydiator is a direct-injection smoking pipe for those looking for a high quality and low-maintenance design that delivers smooth hits. The Raydiator pipes bowl and chamber is made using American grade 2 titanium, a machine finished aerospace grade aluminum body that doubles as a heat sink, grade 2 titanium filtration dome screen, a spill-proof swivel-lid and its signature vibrant twin glass rods. Lightweight, travel & pocket friendly, and virtually indestructible, the Mori Design Raydiator Pipe is sure to enhance your smoking experience. To clean the Raydiator pipe simply use its dedicated stainless steel poker tool to run alcohol wipes through the chamber, and give a quick wipe inside of the bowl. Made in the USA.NOTE: GLASS ROD COLORS MAY VARY!

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