GrindX - Jar $6.99
The GrindX™ Jar is a great way to keep your herb grinder secure and airtight. The hinged lid snaps securely shut and locks in freshness. It's designed to keep the contents from getting wet or spilling, so your grinder stays safe and dry when you're not using them. And, it's not just limited to grinder storage – you can use the GrindX™ Jar for personal storage too! Specifications:Diameter: 2.44-inches / 61.72 millimetersHeight: 1.0.25-inches / 61.722 millimetersWeight: 0.97 oz./ 27.49 grams.
Fumo Forum
Fumo Pipe - Universal Clear Glass Bowl $7.99
Fumo Pipe Universal Glass Bowl quickly converts your Fumo Pipe from the standard stainless steel bowl, to having an upright Pyrex glass bowl design with the same amazing Fumo Pipe features. The universal bowl fits all Fumo Pipe construction by using a special molded, heat resistant rubber housing that sits tightly inside the existing stainless steel bowl. Experience Fumo Pipe with clearly a new taste. Includes: 1 – Glass Bowl1 – Heat Resistant Grommet Note: Glass bowl may slightly differ in shape and size.
WickiePipes - Daisy Glass Pipe Screens - 10 Pack $2.99
WickiePipes Daisy glass pipe screens are colorful reusable glass filtration screens designed for use with glass smoking pipes and water pipes. They work great by keeping large materials from passing through your bowl inside your mouth or inside your water pipe. Simply insert the Daisy screen inside your bowl with the stem facing the hole. After a few uses, simply wipe them off with alcohol wipes or soak them in your favorite cleaner. Daisy screens clean and maintain with little effort.  Pack contains 10 WickiePIpes Daisy Glass Screens.
Bright Bay
Bright Bay - OG Chillum 4-Inch Glass One Hitter Pipe $1.99
The OG Chillum one hitter glass pipe is a discreet and simple smoking solution for use on the go. The classic one hitter design allows for quick and easy hits. The one hitter is made with heat resistant and durable borosilicate glass. An OG Chillum emblem is printed on the side of the body. While the pipe is great for repeated use, the affordable price makes it easy to replace if lost or discarded. The OG Chillum is easy to clean with warm water, soap, and cotton swabs.Measurements: 4" H/ 0.5" D
Incredibowl Industries
Incredibowl - i420 Replacement Glass Bowl $12.99
The original Incredibowl i420 borosilicate glass bowls is here for replacing your existing bowl, or even if you need extras. Made in USA.
RYOT - Magnetic 3 & 4-Inch Acrylic Dugout System from $29.00
Made from solid acrylic machined to perfection, the RYOT Taster Box is the perfect dugout system for those looking to get an all-in-one pocket dugout. RYOT Taster Box offers a magnetic lid, tobacco storage, a pipe bat slot & built-in poker cleaning rod.Choose RYOT Taster Box large or small and in 7 colors: clear, black/white, red/black, green/black, blue/black, yellow/black & purple/black.Large - measurements: 4” H/ 2”L/ 0.65” WWeight: 2.8oz. / 80g. - LargeSmall - measurements: 3” H/ 2”L/ 0.65” WWeight: 2.2oz. / 60g.Note: Taster pipe bat sold separately.
Fumo Forum
Fumo Pipe - Glass Bowl Original $9.99
Fumo Pipe Glass Bowl – quickly convert your Fumo Pipe from the standard stainless steel bowl to having a Pyrex glass bowl, with the same amazing Fumo Pipe features. Experience Fumo Pipe with clearly a new taste. Includes:1 – Glass Bowl 1 – O-ring
Incredibowl Industries
Incredibowl - m420 Glass Water Pipe Attachment $44.99
Easily convert the Incredibowl m420 from the average Chillum into a water pipe with the glass water pipe attachment. Enjoy the same m420 experience with water.

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