Monkey Pipe
Monkey Pipe - Fisherman's Friend Original $29.99
The Monkey Pipe Fishermans Friend Original is the first of its kind. Just like its name says, the Monkey Pipe Fisherman's is truly the lightest and most comfortable pipe you could carry - it even offers a stainless swivel lid which opens the storage compartment - just how fisherman's prefer their gear, lightweight, compact and useful. The Fishermans Friends also offers a matching stainless steel bottom plate that slides out to make cleaning hassle-free. The Monkey Pipe Fisherman's Friend will last for many years to come. It measures 2" inches when closed, and 3.5" inches when open. Simply swivel the mouthpiece to close and extinguish lit material. Fishermans Friend uses 0.625" filtration screens - choose from both stainless steel and grade 2 titanium mesh screens. Made in USA.
Monkey Pipe
Monkey Pipe - Classic Original $39.99
The Monkey Pipe Classic is first and original pipe to introduces a swivel body and mouthpiece built in one. Simply swivel the lid either right or left to unveil the bowl and gain accesses to the mouthpiece, yet closes to act as a storage compartment and extinguishes . Sandwiched between the wood lays the medical grade anodized aluminum fastened with 2-screws which unscrews for easy cleaning. The Monkey Pipe Classic is very compact, lightweight and best of all, it’s unthinkably practical. When closed it measures 2” inches, and 3” inches when opened. Classic uses 0.625" filtration screens - choose from both stainless steel and grade 2 titanium mesh screens. Made in the USA.Choose Monkey Pipe Classic in 7 colors: black, silver, blue, yellow, green & red.
Steven Mattern Design + Build
SMDB - Santa Feo Pipe $116.99
The Santa Feo Pipe by Steven Mattern Design + Build tops the measure of amazing craftsmanship, design and functionality combined into this amazing pipe. Santa Feo Pipe defines the ultimate meaning of what a novelty pipe looks like, nevertheless, how it smokes. Simply rotate the gears to unveil its three individual bowls to enjoy the finest materials offered, keep turning to close. Hand made in USA.
SHOTGUN PIPES - B-2 Two-Large Bowls 5" Maple Wood Pipe $26.95
SHOTGUN PIPE B-2 is a long, large body pipe. The B-2 SHOTGUN PIPE offers a large 0.75” two-glass bowl setup. SHOTGUN PIPES offer a laminate wood body which is made using the same wood and techniques used in skateboard manufacturing. They’re made from virtually industrial rock hard maple wood from the upper peninsula of Michigan. SHOTGUN PIPES have downdraft bowls with a front-carb design housed with a thick borosilicate glass bowl liner and stainless steel screens. The airtight lids make the pipes spill proof, pocket friendly, and great for traveling. They offer large ports that won’t clog, and completely come apart for thorough cleaning. SHOTGUN PIPES use food grade dyes to get their vibrant colors. Handmade in Southern California. NOTE: Colors, patterns, and lids may slightly vary!Measurements: 1.20" H/ 5" L/ 1" WWeight: 2.13 oz.Screen Size: 0.750"
Steven Mattern Design + Build
SMDB - Baby Gear Head Pipe $104.99
The Baby Gear Head Pipe by Steven Mattern Design + Build displays the real characteristics of a true gear head. Whether you’re into racing, watch making or you’re an admirer of the sophisticated process how gears put things in motion, than without a doubt you’ll appreciate the handmade Baby Gear. Just rotate the gears to open and close the bowl and enjoy your favorite gear head style. Made in USA.
Marley Natural
Marley Natural - Bubbler 5.75-Inch $120.00
Marley Natural Bubbler is a 5-piece hybrid water and dry pipe offering users the best of both worlds. Made using hand-blown clear cane borosilicate glass and sustainably sourced American Black Walnut makes this a truly magnificent standing glass piece that fits perfectly in your hand. Marley Natural Bubbler has a globe-shaped percolator for optimal filtration and side-carb for combining ambient air. The removable parts allow easy cleaning and maintenaning this Bubbler. For cleaning - simply unscrew the base off the bowl, then carefully pull out the glass-mouthpiece, the wood stem and wood center console. Use your favorite glass cleaner. Do not use liquid cleaners on the wood. Only a nylon brush or pipe cleaner for the wood stem.Measurements: 5.75" H/ 5.75" L/ 1.75" W
Marley Natural
Marley Natural - Small Taster 3-Inch One Hitter Pipe $30.00
Marley Natural Small Taster is an elegantly designed, compact, and portable 2-piece pipe. Crafted using hand-blown clear cane borosilicate glass, refined American Black Walnut, and finished with natural carnauba wax, this taster is as stylish as they come. Sitting at 3” in length and with detachable parts permit the easy cleaning and maintenance of this portable piece. For cleaning - simply pull the base off the wood mouthpiece and use your favorite glass cleaner. Do not use liquid cleaners on the wood. Only a nylon brush or pipe cleaner for the wood stem.Measurement: 3" L/ 0.5" W
Steven Mattern Design + Build
SMDB - Storage Pipe $91.99
The Storage Pipe by Steven Mattern Design + Build is made by hand to perfection. It offers a lid for both the bowl & built-in storage to conveniently keep extra material. Stacked upon layers of wood makes the Storage Pipe tough and durable wherever you go. The Storage Pipe offers a steady grip, is lightweight and fits in your pocket for easy traveling. The heavy duty magnets deliver outstanding surety for the bowl and storage area to remain secure while providing easy access when you need it. Made in USA.

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