Bad Ash - One-Hitter Pipe 2-Inch Brass & Exotic Wood



Bad Ash - One-Hitter Pipe 2-Inch Brass & Exotic Wood


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Product description

A hybrid one-hitter for herb users made from brass and exotic woods to smoke herbs in style.

The Bad Ash hybrid brass & wood 2-inch one-hitter pipe is compact, portable and durable. The one-hitter offers a sharp bladed-edge bowl that slices through herbs for easy loading and it’s made using exotic woods. Provided with an inner brass design, you'll enjoy a cooler smoke and easy cleaning. Made in Franklin, Indiana, USA.

Compatible with the 3.25-inch dugout smoking system.

Choose Bad Ash One-Hitter in five wood styles: Chakte Viga, Mahogany, Paduk, Purpleheart, and Walnut.

Weight: 0.34 oz.
Measurement: 2" H/ 0.25" D

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