Proto Pipe - Classic 3-Inch Brass Hand Pipe


Proto Pipe - Classic 3-Inch Brass Hand Pipe


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Product description

Proto Pipe brought sheer convenience to pipe smokers and enthusiasts alike with a clever design, by attaching often used pipe accessories to a pipe! Proto Pipe Classic, formerly known as Proto Pipe Deluxe, is a permanent screen-less pipe built-in with a storage compartment, and a cleaning poker rod. Made from solid brass and brass components, the Proto Pipe Classic will never break, is really easy to clean, fits in any pocket and will last a lifetime. Proto Pipes features include; a deep bowl with a swivel lid, a storage unit fastened directly in the body which holds 5 bowls worth of herb and also works as a bowl tamper, a strong cleaning poker rod used to clean most parts of the pipe, a rubber mouthpiece and a Tar Trap found directly underneath the bowl that removes for complete cleaning. Made in USA.

Proto Pipe Classic pioneered the design of attaching often used pipe accessories to a pipe! The pipe combines a storage unit that holds 5 bowls worth of herb, a cleaning poker rod and a Tar Trap which removes for easy cleaning. Made from 100% brass, Proto Pipe will last a lifetime.

Measurements: 1" H/ 1" L/ 3" W

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