Vapor Genie - Glass Bat Vaporizer


Vapor Genie - Glass Bat Vaporizer


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Product description

Vapor Genie Glass Bat vaporizer is clearly the first to have transformed the classic-bat pipe design right before our eyes. Made with Schott borosilicate German glass, measuring 2.5 mm thick-wall, the uncompromising Vapor Genie Glass Bat vaporizer is sure durable. Its 42-gram light-weight and one-piece design will make traveling with VG Glass Bat easy – no extra batteries, no chargers and no extra accessories – just 1 lighter! In addition, the sliding stainless steel door design allows access to your bowl – simply twist to open and close to preserve – a new innovation found only on the Vapor Genie Glass Bat vaporizers. Using the same patented high purity inert silicon carbide ceramic flame filter, replacing will never be necessary. The 316 stainless steel mesh screen provides added filtration for a more pleasant vaporizing experience. Vapor Genie Glass Bat vaporizer can easily be cleaned, since very little tar is created during vaporization. To use, simply fill the bowl with loose grounded s, slide to close the door, and apply flame while inhaling to create vapors.

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