WickieScreens - 0.625 Inch Stainless Steel Screens - 30 Pack $3.99
The 0.625 inch stainless steel pipes screens by WickieScreens offer 30 replacement filtration screens containing 60-plus days of supply. For best results replace pipe screen every 2 days. Compatible pipes:SHOTGUN PIPESWikilite Pipe LighterVapor GenieMonkey Pipe
SmokeBuddy - The Original Smoke Filter $17.99
Smoke Buddy, keep your smoke to yourself. Literally! Smoke Buddy allows 300 plus uses, meaning 300+ less exhaled smoke! The light weight 3.2oz design allows the comfort of actually using the Smoke Buddy. Instead of blowing your smoke in the air causing discomfort, major clouds of smoke and excessive odor; just blow the smoke through SmokeBuddy and witness the carbon filter hard at work by completely eliminating odor and clouds of smoke. Smoke Buddy is easy to clean and maintain, just use a damp cloth, or tissue paper to whip clean the inside. Furthermore, SmokeBuddy is environmentally safe. Free Mr. Smoke Buddy key-chain. Press its smiley face to illuminate the yellow LED light.
Marley Natural
Marley Natural - Small 9-Inch Wood Rolling Tray $64.00
Marley Natural Small Tray is the premium compact prep tray crafted with sustainably sourced high-grade American Black Walnut, and finished with teak oil. This tray is both multi-functional and wonderfully designed. Features include a specially contoured cutout corner that allows for easy pouring, and a built-in magnetic wooden scraper. Small Tray is 9-inches in length and 5.5-inches in width.Measurements: 0.75" H/ 9" L/ 5.5" W
Fumo Forum
Fumo Pipe - Extension Chambers from $12.99
Fumo Pipe’s, extension chamber provides 4 times the amount of smoke accumulated in the chamber which allows delivery of a more powerful smoking experience. Simply twist off the billet aluminum body and place it on the Extension Chamber for greater enhancement.
WickiePipes - Daisy Glass Pipe Screens - 10 Pack $2.99
WickiePipes Daisy glass pipe screens are colorful reusable glass filtration screens designed for use with glass smoking pipes and water pipes. They work great by keeping large materials from passing through your bowl inside your mouth or inside your water pipe. Simply insert the Daisy screen inside your bowl with the stem facing the hole. After a few uses, simply wipe them off with alcohol wipes or soak them in your favorite cleaner. Daisy screens clean and maintain with little effort.  Pack contains 10 WickiePIpes Daisy Glass Screens.
Fumo Forum
Fumo Pipe - Group Bowl $14.99
Group Bowl by The Fumo Pipe, provides one and a half time more bowl area, and a new stand-out design compared to its standard size original bowl. The Fumo Pipe Group Bowl is precisely machined from solid billet brass and polished to perfection. Simply clean with a quick wipe!
Fumo Forum
Fumo Pipe - Push-Carb Button System Original $27.99
The original Fumo Pipe Push-Carb button system comes fully equipped with an O-rings.
Fumo Forum
Fumo Pipe - Replacement Bowl Original $11.99
The original Fumo Pipe stainless steel bowl comes fully equipped with a stainless steel filtration screen.

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