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EYCE - Silicone 12-Inch Beaker Water Pipe $69.99
The EYCE Silicone Beaker Water Pipe is a modern water pipe featuring the signature EYCE silicone body and futuristic functionality. The water pipe contains a large hidden herb & concentrate stash container on the bottom and the lid doubles as a dab pad and rolling tray. Always know where your lighter is with the magnetic ring lighter holder surrounding the joint. The Beaker offers a Low-Pro glass-on-glass 14/18mm bowl and downstem. Keep your hits cool with the ice catcher and your bowls clean with the metal poker. When you’re ready to clean your water pipe, simply remove the bowl, downstem, poker, stash and wash with warm water and soap.Measurements: 12" H/ 5.5" L/ 5" D
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EYCE - Silicone 4-Inch Spoon Hand Pipe $19.99
The EYCE Silicone Spoon hand pipe is a drable hand pipe that’s great for travel. The silicone exterior is heat resistant, shatterproof and easy to clean. You have everything at your fingertips – the pipe holds the metal poker on its underside and includes a removable herb stash under the bowl. In addition to the unique design, the EYCE Spoon Pipe is made with a standard carb and removable borosilicate glass bowl. When you’re ready to clean your pipe, simply remove the glass bowl, poker, and stash lid and wash with warm water and soap.
EYCE - Silicone 6-Inch Dab Rig Bubbler $44.99
The EYCE Silicone Dab Rig is one of the most unique rigs on the market. The silicone build is travel friendly and easy to clean and collect reclaim. On the bottom of the rig is a built in oil container and the base comes with a metal dabber and placeholder. The 10mm reversible G2 domeless titanium nail distributes and holds heat evenly, while the attached diffused downstem pulls the smoke through the water. If you have the EYCE Bubbler in your collection, you can use the stem cap on the rig, too. When you’re ready to clean your dab rig, simply remove the nail, poker, and bottom stash and wash with warm water and soap.
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EYCE - Silicone 7-Inch Hammer Bubbler $44.99
The EYCE Silicone Hammer Bubbler takes the classic bubbler design and adds a modern and durable twist. The shatterproof EYCE silicone exterior is travel-friendly and ergonomic. Use the removable base to store your dry herb and the metal poker to clean your bowl. The borosilicate glass bowl sits on top of the attached diffused downstem. When you’re ready to clean your bubbler, simply remove the glass bowl, poker, herb stash and wash with warm water and soap.

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