Clickit - Sherlock Deluxe Pipe Lighter $44.99
The Clickit Sherlock Deluxe all-in-one smoking pipe brings the world’s first innovative Sherlock pipe with glass bowl, and a built-in lighter. The Clickit Sherlock Deluxe features a 90-degree direct flame for effortless lighting, while its wood grain finish adds a touch of elegance. With one-handed usability for both left and right-handers, it sits comfortably in your hand, and with the bit/lip mouthpiece the Clickit Sherlock Deluxe delivers a relaxed smoking experience. Installed with a hefty glass screen bowl assures a tasty, cool and clean smoking experience, while the refillable butane lighter with a flame adjuster ring allows for easy flame customization. The Clickit Sherlock all-in-one pipe lighter Deluxe comes complete in a hard gift box with dedicated accessories: including a glass screened bowl, stainless steel loading spoon/ stir tool, cleaning brush, and a matching wood grain glass storage jar. For quick cleaning, detach the mouthpiece from the pipe and wipe clean with alcohol wipes. Choose Clickit Sherlock Deluxe in two colors: Gold Polished, and Silver Polished.Includes:Clickit Sherlock Deluxe All-In-One Pipe LighterStainless Steel Loading Spoon/ Stir ToolCleaning BrushScreened Glass BowlWood Grain Glass Storage JarWeight: 5.17 oz.Measurements: 3" H/ 2.05" W/ 6.5" L
Smosi - Dragon Dugout One-Hitter Pipe System 3.25-Inch $18.99
The Smosi Dragon is an innovative all-in-one smoking system. Smosi Dragon combines a spacious 5-gram dugout compartment, its Silver Devil 3” one-hitter pipe, a large BIC lighter compartment, and the world’s first built-in one-hitter cleaner located underneath. Designed to be compact and lightweight, the Smosi Dragon is perfect for on-the-go adventures. With its snap-shut lid, you can be confident that your herbs will stay fresh and securely in place. Made from top-quality food-grade polypropylene resin, this device features a sleek and glossy surface that looks and feels great. Best of all, it's built to last!Choose Smosi Dragon in two colors: Black, and Clear.Includes:DugoutSilver Devil Stainless Steel 3-Inch One-Hitter Pipe Built-In One-Hitter CleanerLarge BIC Lighter Compartment (BIC-lighter-not-included!)Weight: 0.97 oz.Measurement: 3.25" H/ 2.25" W/ 0.925" L
Smosi - Evolution Dugout One-Hitter Pipe System 3-Inch $15.99
The Smosi Evolution dugout & one-hitter smoking system provides convenience for on-the-go smokers. Smosi Evolution is equipped with the Smosi Silver Devil stainless steel 3” one-hitter pipe, and a hefty 4-gram herb compartment. But what sets the Smosi Evolution apart is its world's first built-in one-hitter cleaner tucked underneath. Say goodbye to clogged pipes and pesky residue, as this innovative feature keeps your one-hitter clean and ready to use. Just open the lid, clean your pipe, and close the lid. This compact and lightweight device features a snap-shut lid, ensuring that your herbs stay fresh and securely in place. Crafted with food grade polypropylene resin, this lightweight dugout not only offers a super sleek and shiny surface but also guarantees durable and reliable performance.Choose Smosi Evolution in two colors: Black, and Clear.Includes:DugoutSilver Devil Stainless Steel 3-Inch One-Hitter Pipe Built-In One-Hitter CleanerWeight: 0.68 oz.Measurement: 3" H/ 1.75" W/ 0.50" L
Lock-N-Load - 2.75-Inch Glass One Hitter Pipe $2.99
The Lock-N-Load one hitter glass pipe is your perfect travel companion. The screw-on top keeps your herb in place and conceals the smell while traveling. You can fit the one hitter almost anywhere, no need to lug around extra luggage for your smoking accessories. The pipe is small, made with 1.5mm thick pharmaceutical grade glass, which is easy to clean and safe for smoking your dry herb. A Lock-N-Load black logo is printed on the side of the one hitter.Measurements: 2.75" H/ 0.5" D
GrindX - Herb Grinder 2-Piece 2.2-Inch $6.99
GrindX® Herb Grinder is the World’s First grinder equipped with Press-Lock System™. This innovative prong closer design presses together to close and lock airtight - leaving moisture out and herbs fresh all without using magnets or threads! Equipped with 50 sharp Pyramid shaped teeth, and made using virtually indestructible BPA-free high impact plastic, GrindX is non-stick, smooth and easy to turn - even for people with minor achy hands!Enjoy consistent results every time, the more your turn the fluffier herbs will become. GrindX is extremely low maintenance, it wipes clean like new with alcohol pipes, or it can safely be used in the dishwasher for a shiny new look. Plus, GrindX comes with Jar, a dedicated protective storage that snaps closed airtight & watertight! Lifetime Warranty! Made in the USA.Specifications:1 GrindXDiameter: 2.2-inches / 55.88 millimetersHeight: 0.90-inches / 22.86 millimetersWeight: 0.97 oz./ 27.49 gramsCapacity: 2 grams
Clean Buzz Technologies
Clean Buzz - CastAway Pipe System $39.95
CastAway Pipe System™ by Clean Buzz Technologies™, introduces the world’s first smoking pipe that uses an innovative disposable bowl liner called, “Trap the Crap™.” This new smoking pipe filters herbs and smoke in an aluminum liner filled with pat. pending proprietary ceramic trapper beads and a built-in stainless steel screen to deliver a cool, clean, smooth and tasty smoking experience. Trap the Crap™ bowl liner provides a hefty amount of room that can fill up to 0.3 grams of herbs. The first-stage of filtration of CastAway Pipe begins with the 60-mesh screen and travels down into the ceramic trapper beads for the second-stage. The CastAway Pipe is a simple lightweight 2 piece design made using anodized aluminum that contains the bowl housing and the screw on stem. After using the pipe between 15 - 20 times or if you begin to feel harsh hits, simply dispose of the used liner and insert a new one - align the hole with the stem. To remove the old bowl liner, simply push from the bottom. Once you remove the liner, some tar and resin will be visible -- you can give it a quick wipe using alcohol wipes to have a new clean pipe. Testing shows that between 200 and 300 milligrams of tar per about 1 gram of herbs is captured in each liner during use over several days. That is 200mg-300mg of harmful tar that is no longer settling into the lungs. CastAway Pipe is virtually indestructible, travel friendly, and proudly made in the USA. San Diego, California. Lifetime warranty. CastAway Pipe System includes: 1 CastAway Pipe and 3-pack Trap the Crap™ disposable bowl liners.  Available in 3 colors: Black, Blue & Red. Measurements: 0.75" H/ 3.5" W/ 1.125" D  Weight: 1.10 oz.
RYOT - Magnetic 3 & 4-Inch Acrylic Dugout System from $29.00
Made from solid acrylic machined to perfection, the RYOT Taster Box is the perfect dugout system for those looking to get an all-in-one pocket dugout. RYOT Taster Box offers a magnetic lid, tobacco storage, a pipe bat slot & built-in poker cleaning rod.Choose RYOT Taster Box large or small and in 7 colors: clear, black/white, red/black, green/black, blue/black, yellow/black & purple/black.Large - measurements: 4” H/ 2”L/ 0.65” WWeight: 2.8oz. / 80g. - LargeSmall - measurements: 3” H/ 2”L/ 0.65” WWeight: 2.2oz. / 60g.Note: Taster pipe bat sold separately.
Bad Ash
Bad Ash - Dugout & One-Hitter Brass Pipe 4-Inch Exotic... $28.99
A simple, stylish dugout smoking system for herb users. Bring a little bit of retro style back to the way you smoke your herbs with the 4-inch Bad Ash Dugout & Brass One-Hitter System. Bad Ash dugout consists of a handcrafted swivel-lid wood box with a hybrid 3-inch all brass bladed-tip one-hitter wrapped in wood. Just like the old days, this classic dugout system is made to last. The Bad Ash dugout sports two compartments - one for securely storing your herbs and one for the one-hitter (which conveniently slides out.) For those who demand quality without compromising convenience, the Bad Ash dugout allows you to partake in smoke 'em if ya got 'em moments. Made in Franklin, Indiana, USA. Compatible with the 3-inch hybrid brass & wood one-hitter. Choose Bad Ash Dugout in five wood styles: Chakte Viga, Mahogany, Paduk, Purpleheart, and Walnut. Includes:DugoutHybrid Brass & Wood one-hitterLaser etched logo Weight: 1.80 oz.Measurement: 4" H/ 1.75" L/ 0.75" W

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