GrindX - Herb Grinder 2-Piece 2.2-Inch $6.99
GrindX® Herb Grinder is the World’s First grinder equipped with Press-Lock System™. This innovative prong closer design presses together to close and lock airtight - leaving moisture out and herbs fresh all without using magnets or threads! Equipped with 50 sharp Pyramid shaped teeth, and made using virtually indestructible BPA-free high impact plastic, GrindX is non-stick, smooth and easy to turn - even for people with minor achy hands!Enjoy consistent results every time, the more your turn the fluffier herbs will become. GrindX is extremely low maintenance, it wipes clean like new with alcohol pipes, or it can safely be used in the dishwasher for a shiny new look. Plus, GrindX comes with Jar, a dedicated protective storage that snaps closed airtight & watertight! Lifetime Warranty! Made in the USA.Specifications:1 GrindXDiameter: 2.2-inches / 55.88 millimetersHeight: 0.90-inches / 22.86 millimetersWeight: 0.97 oz./ 27.49 gramsCapacity: 2 grams
ALLIN1E - All-In-One Dugout Smoking System $49.99
ALLIN1E is an all-in-one 4-piece modular dugout smoking system designed precisely around the needs of a smoker. ALLIN1E is made using scratch resistant anodized aluminum that offers a built-in 2-piece herb grinder, ceramic one-hitter bat, stainless steel cleaning poker tool, a hefty storage compartment, and sloth to hold a small BIC lighter. It’s sturdy and virtually indestructible. In addition to its highly practical features, ALLIN1E is air-tight, water proof, and odor proof. ALLIN1E is travel friendly which fits comfortably in your pocket or handbag for ease on the go. (SMALL BIC LIGHTER NOT-INCLUDED!)Measurements: 4.875" H/ 1.25" DOne-Hitter Bat: 2.25” H/ 0.375” D
Marley Natural
Marley Natural - Small 4-Piece 2.25-Inch Wood Herb Grinder $90.00
Marley Natural Small Grinder is a compact four-piece grinder crafted with the finest, sustainably sourced Black Walnut from America and high-grade components. The top section is magnetically attached containing 32 precisely positioned, directional anodized aluminum cutting blades which produce fine grinds. The pollen collector has a removable screen and twist-off base to help avoid spills. Small Grinder is rounded at 2.35” in diameter. Measurements: 2.34" H/ 2.35" D
Marley Natural
Marley Natural - Large 4-Piece 3-Inch Wood Herb Grinder $119.99
Marley Natural Large Grinder is a elegant four piece grinder made with the best, sustainably sourced Black Walnut from America and high-grade components. The top section is magnetically attached, containing 27 custom-engineered anodized aluminum cutting blades which produce fine grinds. The pollen collects in a removable magnetic collection to help avoid spills, and has a stainless steel scraper to prevent mess. Large Grinder measures 3 inches in diameter. Measurements: 2.75" H/ 3" D
Chill Gear
Chill Gear - Herb Grinder $119.99
The Grinder by Chill Gear is perfect for on-the-go adventures or just daily use around the house. It’s unique design and finish makes it virtually indestructible and great for any party or outdoor activity such as camping, boarding, hiking, and biking. The Grinder is dishwasher safe, and it is extremely easy to use making grinding your a moment that you will look forward to. This compact and effective grinder is unlike any grinder fresh out of Vancouver, Washington. It’s the perfect unbreakable grinder for any occasion made from billet anodized aluminum.Choose Chill Gear Grinder in 5 colors: black, gray, green, red & silver.
Sold out
Mamba - Electric Herb Grinder $34.99
The Mamba Electric Grinder is a fast, powerful, and convenient grinder that is designed to save you time and improve your smoking experience. All you have to do is fill the Mamba grinder with your favorite strain of , close the lid, and press a button. Watch in amazement as your is grinded and poured right into your bowl with the removable spout. The powerful motor on the Mamba has a forward and reverse switch that ensures your electric grinder never jams. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, these grinders teeth are perfect for a fine grind. See what you get when convenience and speed comes face to face with quality and power in a sleek and durable design.
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Kannastor - Clear Top 2-Piece 2.5-Inch Herb Grinder $30.00
The Kannastor Clear-Top grinder helps clearly see the action from above. The strong magnets keep the Kannastor closed,and makes for fresh and easy storage. Constructed with premium-grade aluminum helps maintain quality and significantly extends the life of the product.
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Magic Flight
Magic Flight - Finishing Herb Grinder $39.99
The Finishing Grinder by Magic Flight, has been specifically designed for the Launch Box. It fits directly over the bowl and grinds your material to optimum consistency for the prefect vaping experience. The Finishing Grinder is offered in your choice of wood: Cherry, Maple or Walnut. Lifetime Functional Manufacturer Warranty.

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