Aqua Pipe
Aqua Pipe $19.99
Aqua Pipe, since 1979 this nifty all-in-one handheld water pipe has shown the world’s first, indestructible, compact, pocket size water pipe with a 90-degree swivel mouthpiece built-in! For added convenience, the bowl and downstem are one-piece which makes filling and cleaning seamless – just twist-off the bowl. Aqua Pipes bowl construction is made of heat resistant plastic, the same material used in industrial plastic ashtrays, while the water reservoir is regular medical-grade plastic. It does not melt or emit fumes. Aqua Pipe stand 4" inches tall, and 1.40" inches in diameter. Available in 5 attractive colors. TIP: please don’t try melting the bowl, because you’ll succeed!
Mathematix Glass
Mathematix Glass - 12-Inch Diffused Glass Gandalf Bubbler $42.99
The Mathematix Glass Gandalf bubbler is a unique Gandalf water bubbler. It features a diffused multi-diffused downstem, side carb for controlling your smoke, a hefty bowl and the signature curved glass tubing for a cool smoking experience. Made of solid cane borosilicate glass, the pipe is sturdy and reaches 12 inches in length. The thick glass base sits on two feet that help the pipe stand on its own.Measurements: 4" H/ 12" L/ 1.5" W
Marley Natural
Marley Natural - Bubbler 5.75-Inch $120.00
Marley Natural Bubbler is a 5-piece hybrid water and dry pipe offering users the best of both worlds. Made using hand-blown clear cane borosilicate glass and sustainably sourced American Black Walnut makes this a truly magnificent standing glass piece that fits perfectly in your hand. Marley Natural Bubbler has a globe-shaped percolator for optimal filtration and side-carb for combining ambient air. The removable parts allow easy cleaning and maintenaning this Bubbler. For cleaning - simply unscrew the base off the bowl, then carefully pull out the glass-mouthpiece, the wood stem and wood center console. Use your favorite glass cleaner. Do not use liquid cleaners on the wood. Only a nylon brush or pipe cleaner for the wood stem.Measurements: 5.75" H/ 5.75" L/ 1.75" W
GRAV - Clear 4-Inch Glass Hammer Bubbler $35.99
The Hammer Bubbler by GRAV is subtle yet very stylistic water pipe making the design elegant and eye-popping. With an X-cut style diffused downstem, this glass bubbler provides perfect percolation and cools the smoke for a noticeably smoother draw. Control the side carb to mix additional cool air. Blown using borosilicate glass. *NOTE - decal colors will vary!
Crush Glass
Crush Glass - Clear Fumed 8-Inch Glass Sherlock Bubbler $32.99
Crush Glass Sherlock Bubbler is a simple piece that's great for everyday use. It offers cool, clean, and fresh smoke as it uses water filtration. The Sherlock Bubbler is wrapped and raked in a solid color and silver fumed to allow color changing effect. Made in USA.Measurements: 6.5" H/ 2.5" L/ 1.75" W *NOTE: All water glass pipes are hand blown! Products may slightly differ.
Crush Glass
Crush Glass - Wordom 8-Inch Glass Hammer Bubbler $32.99
Crush Glass Wordom Hammer glass bubbler features a clean design with a standard percolator and finished with an original, “Since 1996” The Crush decal. Fill the bubbler with a splash of water to enjoy a cool, moist & clean smoking experience. Wordom Hammer is blown using clear & solid cane borosilicate glass giving the two-tone appearance of both clear & colored glass. At 4 inches tall & 8 inches in length, the Wordom Hammer is compact and efficient. The combination of high-quality glass and intriguing design make this glass bubbler an instant hit for every smoker, offering both quality and convenience. Made in USA.Measurements: 4" H/ 8" L/ 1.5" DChoose The Crush Wordom Hammer Bubbler in 5 colors: black, blue, green & white.
EYCE - Silicone 6-Inch Dab Rig Bubbler $44.99
The EYCE Silicone Dab Rig is one of the most unique rigs on the market. The silicone build is travel friendly and easy to clean and collect reclaim. On the bottom of the rig is a built in oil container and the base comes with a metal dabber and placeholder. The 10mm reversible G2 domeless titanium nail distributes and holds heat evenly, while the attached diffused downstem pulls the smoke through the water. If you have the EYCE Bubbler in your collection, you can use the stem cap on the rig, too. When you’re ready to clean your dab rig, simply remove the nail, poker, and bottom stash and wash with warm water and soap.
Marley Natural
Marley Natural - Smoked 5-Inch Glass Bubbler $80.00
The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler is a luxury water bubbler made for smoking the finest herb. Part of the Smoked Glass line, the bubbler features a shower head perc and ash catcher at the mouthpiece and tinted black glass. Each piece is accented with a gold stripe evoking the Jamaican spirit. The bubbler sports a gold lion and “M” emblem as well. A built-in ash catcher keeps your hits fresh. The bubbler was designed with symmetry and intelligent proportions in mind. Each Marley Natural Smoked Glass piece is made to perfection.Measurements: 5" H/ 5.25" L/ 2" D

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