Journey Pipe
Journey Pipe - J2 Hand Pipe $39.99
Journey Pipe J2 hand pipe is an amazing revolutionary smoking device designed with Filter-Gap Technology™, meaning J2 eliminates clogging and the use of screens. Constructed with only 3 piece from Zinc alloy, Journey doesn't break, stays cool to the touch, and delivers cool smoke. Journey, has incorporated strong neodymium magnets on the lid, and the body to prevent spills or air leaks. The snap-action lid swivels left or right for easy lighting, in addition, allowing the tail to be used for stirring tobacco. Cleaning your Journey Pipe takes less than 30 seconds. Simply pop Journey open, give it a quick whip with a damp tissue paper, or antibacterial wipes, and snap it back together. Includes pocket case.Choose J2 Pipe in 4 colors: midnight black & silver, royal gold & smoky mirror.
Clean Buzz Technologies
Clean Buzz - CastAway Pipe System $39.95
CastAway Pipe System™ by Clean Buzz Technologies™, introduces the world’s first smoking pipe that uses an innovative disposable bowl liner called, “Trap the Crap™.” This new smoking pipe filters herbs and smoke in an aluminum liner filled with pat. pending proprietary ceramic trapper beads and a built-in stainless steel screen to deliver a cool, clean, smooth and tasty smoking experience. Trap the Crap™ bowl liner provides a hefty amount of room that can fill up to 0.3 grams of herbs. The first-stage of filtration of CastAway Pipe begins with the 60-mesh screen and travels down into the ceramic trapper beads for the second-stage. The CastAway Pipe is a simple lightweight 2 piece design made using anodized aluminum that contains the bowl housing and the screw on stem. After using the pipe between 15 - 20 times or if you begin to feel harsh hits, simply dispose of the used liner and insert a new one - align the hole with the stem. To remove the old bowl liner, simply push from the bottom. Once you remove the liner, some tar and resin will be visible -- you can give it a quick wipe using alcohol wipes to have a new clean pipe. Testing shows that between 200 and 300 milligrams of tar per about 1 gram of herbs is captured in each liner during use over several days. That is 200mg-300mg of harmful tar that is no longer settling into the lungs. CastAway Pipe is virtually indestructible, travel friendly, and proudly made in the USA. San Diego, California. Lifetime warranty. CastAway Pipe System includes: 1 CastAway Pipe and 3-pack Trap the Crap™ disposable bowl liners.  Available in 3 colors: Black, Blue & Red. Measurements: 0.75" H/ 3.5" W/ 1.125" D  Weight: 1.10 oz.
High Tech Pipes
High Tech Pipes - METRO Lyte Hand Pipe $49.99
METRO Lyte Pipe is compact, lightweight, built tough and designed to express old world craftsmanship with anodized colors. METRO fits in your pocket, it’s spill proof, indestructible and makes traveling easy with built-in herb storage compartment. It measures 2-inches closed and 3.5-inches open. The swivel mouthpiece doubles as bowl cover to stuff out burning - lift the mouthpiece slightly to open the storage. Built from medical grade anodized aluminum, METRO will last for many years. To clean, simply unscrew the bottom 2 Allen screws. METRO uses 0.625" stainless steel or titanium screens. Made in USA. Measurements: 1" H/ 2" L/ 0.75" W Choose METRO Lyte in 5 colors: black, gray, green & red.
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BUKKET - Gravity Pipe $19.99 $29.99
A smokeless gravity pipe that intakes hot smoke and delivers clean, cool smoke - introducing BUKKET. This smokeless design is accomplished by using a heavy base and bellow. After packing your bowl, light and slowly lift BUKKET to fill with smoke, remove the bowl and inhale. Rest your bowl inside the dedicated notch. BUKKET is made from molded plastic, offers a brass bowl and 0.500" stainless steel mesh screen. Use it at home or outdoors, BUKKET is light weight and travel friendly. For easy cleaning, simply unscrew the bellow off from the top and bottom base and use soap and warm water. Includes custom drawstring bag. Choose BUKKET in 2 color combinations: Purple/Orange, and Blue/Orange. <>
High Tech Pipes
High Tech Pipes - Six Shooter Hand Pipe $49.99
Six Shooter, the worlds first tobacco pipe designed with six individual bowls on a rotating drum. Six Shooter pipe provides the convenience of having of 6 different tobacco flavors being just a spin away. Simply rotate and align the desired bowl with the pipe and light. The Six Shooter is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, with a brass drum. To clean your Six Shooter pipe, simply unscrew the top Allen-screw and the mouthpiece. Made in USA.Includes:1 - Allen wrench.
Genius Pipe
Genius Pipe - Original 6-Inch Hand Pipe from $89.99
Genius Pipe is the brainchild behind 20 years of intensive research in the field of Fluid Dynamics. Genius Pipe brings a new and innovative smoking device that offers a cool, smooth and cough free smoking experience with its patented Dimple-Surface-Design technology while making cleanup a breeze by using antibacterial wipes. Constructed from scratch free anodized aluminum and fitted with powerful magnets, Genius Pipe will stay intact for many years without spills or deterioration. Genius Pipe is slim, sleek, compact and lightweight making traveling and on-the-go less to think about. Just slide off the cover, fill the bowl and enjoy. Genius Pipe comes fully equipped with a matching cover. Made in USA.Measurements: 0.35" H/ 6" L/ 1.5" WChoose Genius Pipe in 5 colors: black, gold, green, purple, silver
Hightanium Design
Hightanium Design - The Why Not 2.25 & 3.25-Inch Titanium... $32.99
The Hightanium Designed Why Not One Hitter is made from 100% pure grade titanium making this one of the best smoking and fresh tasting one-hitters available. The pure titanium pipe provides a clean smoking experience. With a taste as smooth as glass, you can rest assured knowing you are inhaling your herb through pure titanium. In a rather ingenious manner, it is threaded to allow both the end and the resin catch to be removed for super easy cleaning! Best of all, it can easily fit in your, dugout, pocket, cigarette pack, or bag. Made in USA.Measurements:Short - 2.25" L/ 0.375" DLong - 3.25" L/ 0.375" D
Punchbowl - Lollipop Brass Hand Pipe $39.99
The Lollipop pipe is a virtually indestructible, screen-less, handmade brass smoking pipe made by Punchbowl in Oahu, Hawaii. The Lollipop Pipe gets its name because the bowl has a smooth and round finish like a lollipop. The Lollipop Pipe gets its name because the bowl is round with a smooth finish that resembles a candy lollipop. The lower half of these pipes can easily be opened and cleaned with the Hex Wrench poker that comes on the pipe. Being made from pure brass, these pipes will last for years. Best of all, there’s no need for a screen!

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