Crush Glass
Crush Glass - Clear Fumed 8-Inch Glass Hammer Bubbler $32.99
Crush Glass Hammer Bubbler is a simple piece that's great for everyday use. It offers cool, clean, and fresh smoke as it uses water filtration. The Hammer Bubbler is wrapped and raked in a solid color and silver fumed to allow color changing effect. Made in USA.Measurements: 3" H/ 6.5" L/ 1.75" W *NOTE: All water glass pipes are hand blown! Products may slightly differ.
GRAV - Clear 4-Inch Glass Hammer Bubbler $35.99
The Hammer Bubbler by GRAV is subtle yet very stylistic water pipe making the design elegant and eye-popping. With an X-cut style diffused downstem, this glass bubbler provides perfect percolation and cools the smoke for a noticeably smoother draw. Control the side carb to mix additional cool air. Blown using borosilicate glass. *NOTE - decal colors will vary!
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EYCE - Silicone 7-Inch Hammer Bubbler $44.99
The EYCE Silicone Hammer Bubbler takes the classic bubbler design and adds a modern and durable twist. The shatterproof EYCE silicone exterior is travel-friendly and ergonomic. Use the removable base to store your dry herb and the metal poker to clean your bowl. The borosilicate glass bowl sits on top of the attached diffused downstem. When you’re ready to clean your bubbler, simply remove the glass bowl, poker, herb stash and wash with warm water and soap.
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Mathematix Glass
Mathematix Glass - Illuminati Swirl UV Reactive 8-Inch Glass Hammer... $53.99
The Mathematix Glass Illuminati Swirl UV Reactive Glass Hammer Bubbler is a UV reactive water bubbler with UV swirls and dot accents throughout. When placed under a UV light, the swirls and dots glow vibrant green. The UV glass swirls around the downstem into the bubbler base, while the UV dots decorate the neck and head of the pipe. Made of clear cane glass, the pipe is sturdy and heat resistant. You’ll find a standard carb on the bowl of the pipe.Measurements: 3.5" H/ 8" L/ 2.25" W

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