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Fumo Pipe - Original $69.99
The Fumo Pipe is an innovative compact palm size steamroller that delivers the ultimate rush with its revolutionary spring-loaded Push-Carb System! Simply press the button and see your smoke disappear. The forward thinking design of Fumo Pipe brings best of two worlds - a simple and unbreakable pipe held together with two heat & chemical resistant Viton® O-rings, combined with a delivery system to enjoy a fresh, smooth and a particle-free smoking experience! Fumo Pipe combines a stainless steel screw-on bowl with a tobacco compartment found underneath for easy on-the-go, an anodized billet aluminum body and finished it with a Polycarbonate chamber, hence making the Fumo Pipe virtually indestructible. Both the stainless steel bowl and filtration screen have undergone “passivation” to remove all impurities (same cleaning process used for surgical components.) This allows a clean and equal burn only to leave you with properly tasting smoke. Furthermore, the Heat-Sink Anodized Billet Aluminum Body is designed to chill smoke in 4 systematic stages. In its 1st stage hot smoke passes through a small opening underneath the bowl. Working its way into the 2nd stage, it travels through a larger opening underneath the Push-Carb System. In its 3rd stage the cool smoke finally enters the tube chamber. To active the 4th stage, just hit Push-Carb button to combine cool fresh air to further chill your smoke! Clean your Fumo Pipe with ease. Just unscrew the bowl, pull off the Push-Carb button, twist off the Polycarbonate tube chamber, and use proper metal & plastic cleaning formulas - it’s that simple!
PieceMaker - Karma 3.5-Inch Silicone Hand Pipe $9.99
Karma silicone pocket pipe by PieceMaker introduces a convenient design to enjoy smoking in style. Karma is made from food grade silicone and offers an innovative all-in-one stainless steel removable permanent screen bowl. Karma features a side-carb for adding cool air, a hefty size bowl and a clever spill-proof cap that doubles as a bottle cap for seamless traveling. You can place Karma in your pocket, or bend it to fit your watch pocket if you need room your main pockets for larger items. Cleaning is quick and simple. Use alcohol wipes or wipe clean using warm water and dish soap. Measurements: 1" H/ 3.5" L/ 1.25" WChoose Karma in 12 vibrant colors and glow-in-the-dark: Digital Kamo, Kamo, Burn Out Black, Breakout Blue, Ghini Green, Pitstop Pink, Racecar Red, Giallo Yellow, Octane Orange, Barna Burgundy, Electric Green Glow-In-The-Dark, & Hazard Flag Glow-In-The-Dark
PieceMaker - Karma GO 4-Inch Silicone Hand Pipe $14.99
Karma GO silicone pocket pipe by PieceMaker introduces the perfect adventure pipe designed with a tethered spill-proof cap and a carabiner. Karma GO is made from food grade silicone and offers an innovative all-in-one stainless steel removable permanent screen bowl. Karma GO features a side-carb for adding cool air, and a hefty size bowl. Place Karma GO in your pocket or hang it by your side to make traveling a breeze. Cleaning is quick and simple. Use alcohol wipes or wipe clean using warm water and dish soap. Measurements: 1" H/ 4" L/ 1.25" W Choose Karma GO in 8 vibrant colors and glow-in-the-dark: Blackpink, Electric Evergreen, Klay Kanyon, Koryx, Marineros, Wildwood, Cyanara Glow-In-The-Dark, Lollipop Swirl Glow-In-The-Dark.
Lighter Pick
Lighter Pick - All-In-One 3.5-Inch Dugout System $14.99
The Lighter Pick is the perfect all-in-one dugout smoking system for every occasion. The Lighter Pick offers a waterproof smoking dugout designed to keep your stash dry. We aren’t talking just a gram or two. This Lighter Pick holds up to ¼ ounce so you don’t run out of herb while you are out and about. This all-in-one system holds your mini-bic lighter, stores your herb, includes a 2” retractable pick to stir your bowl, and comes with a one-hitter that is stored safely inside your Lighter Pick. Best of all, the new odor-proof design helps you remain discreet while keeping your greens fresh!Measurements: 3.5" H/ 2" L/ 0.75' W
SmokeBuddy - The Original Smoke Filter $17.99
Smoke Buddy, keep your smoke to yourself. Literally! Smoke Buddy allows 300 plus uses, meaning 300+ less exhaled smoke! The light weight 3.2oz design allows the comfort of actually using the Smoke Buddy. Instead of blowing your smoke in the air causing discomfort, major clouds of smoke and excessive odor; just blow the smoke through SmokeBuddy and witness the carbon filter hard at work by completely eliminating odor and clouds of smoke. Smoke Buddy is easy to clean and maintain, just use a damp cloth, or tissue paper to whip clean the inside. Furthermore, SmokeBuddy is environmentally safe. Free Mr. Smoke Buddy key-chain. Press its smiley face to illuminate the yellow LED light.
PieceMaker - Konjurer 12-Inch Silicone Gandalf Pipe $24.99
The PieceMaker Konjurer silicone Gandalf pipe is the world’s first silicone Gandalf pipe. The silicone body is indestructible and flexible, making it perfect for travel. The ergonomic design lets you enjoy your Gandalf pipe easily. Use the carb with your index finger and other hand to light. The PieceMaker Konjurer includes a removable food-grade stainless steel bowl. Your friends will know it’s an authentic PieceMaker pipe because of the white imprinted logo on the body near the bowl. The silicone build is easy to clean and travel with and will last you a lifetime due to its indestructible build. Measurements: 2" H/ 12" L/ 1.5" WChoose the PieceMaker Konjurer in 5 colors: Kwest Swirl, Glow Blue, Glow Pink, Glow, and Glow Kotton Kandy.
PieceMaker - Kali Mini 8-Inch Silicone Beaker Water Pipe $34.99
The PieceMaker Kali 8" mini beaker silicone water wipe is an indestructible silicone water pipe. Perfect for travel, the mini beaker water pipe comes with a bowl cap. The Kali come with an unbreakable Hex TEK downstem, which is engineered for more bubbles. It is also compatible with 18mm/14mm low-pro 3” glass downstems. The Kali includes a replaceable stainless steel bowl and can accept 14mm glass bowls. You can clear your hits with ease with the carb. The Kali 8” water pipe features a Komfy Fit mouthpiece for a smoother, better hit. Silicone is easy to clean, simply remove the downstem and bowl and wash with warm water and soap. Measurements: 8' H/ 4" L/ 3.5" WChoose the PieceMaker Kali in 5 colors: Kwest Swirl, Glow Blue, Glow Pink, Glow, and Glow Kotton Kandy.
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Ultimate Pipe
Ultimate Pipe - Glass Blunt Hand Pipe $29.99 $59.99
Ultimate Pipe presents the world’s first quartz glass blunt smoking pipe that splits open for a quick, easy clean, and offers a 2-in-1 feature to smoke & enjoy dabbing using just one pipe. The revolutionary patented Ultimate Pipe uses a chamber made from 99.86% hand cut quartz glass, and is installed with a custom made Top Hat stainless steel filtration screen all housed in a thick, shockproof, heat resistant silicone sleeve that can withstand 550℉ degrees of heat. The direct- injection Ultimate Pipe makes it easy to front load up to 1 gram of dry to last the entire day. To enjoy dabbing, simply pull the front sleeve off, and heat the quartz glass - quartz can be heated up to 3,000℉ degrees. No need to remove the front sleeve when smoking dry ! Ultimate Pipe delivers a clean, cool and smooth smoking experience all around. The pipe is pocket friendly at 4 inches in length, travel safe and virtually indestructible. To clean the Ultimate Pipe, pull off the silicone sleeve, heat the chamber using a lighter and wipe clean if you’re on-the-go. Or you can use soap and water, alcohol wipes, and pipe cleaning solutions as well. Made in USA. Each Ultimate Pipe comes with a pop-top glass jar that double as an airtight herb container which stores up to 8 grams of herb - 1/4 oz.Available in 5 colors: black, blue, camouflage, pink and purple.

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