Genius Pipe
Genius Pipe
Genius Pipe - Original 6-Inch Hand Pipe from $89.99
Genius Pipe is the brainchild behind 20 years of intensive research in the field of Fluid Dynamics. Genius Pipe brings a new and innovative smoking device that offers a cool, smooth and cough free smoking experience with its patented Dimple-Surface-Design technology while making cleanup a breeze by using antibacterial wipes. Constructed from scratch free anodized aluminum and fitted with powerful magnets, Genius Pipe will stay intact for many years without spills or deterioration. Genius Pipe is slim, sleek, compact and lightweight making traveling and on-the-go less to think about. Just slide off the cover, fill the bowl and enjoy. Genius Pipe comes fully equipped with a matching cover. Made in USA.Measurements: 0.35" H/ 6" L/ 1.5" WChoose Genius Pipe in 5 colors: black, gold, green, purple, silver
Genius Pipe
Genius Pipe - Original Evolution Slider $19.99
The Genius Pipe replacement stainless steel original Evolution Slider features a new design with a bowl cut out allowing you directly light your bowl. The Evolution Slider is great if you need an extra for your pipe or have accidentally misplaced it.Measurements: 5.75" L/ 1.15" W
Genius Pipe
WickieScreens - 0.750 Inch Stainless Steel Screens - 30 Pack $3.99
The 0.750 inch stainless steel pipes screens by WickieScreens offer 30 replacement filtration screens containing 60-plus days of supply. For best results replace pipe screen every 2 days. Compatible pipes:Celebration PipesGenius PipePYPTEK - Prometheus Pocket PipeSHOTGUN PIPES

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