Punchbowl - Beehive 3.5-Inch Brass Hand Pipe $49.99
The Punchbowl Beehive hand pipe, crafted in Oahu, Hawaii, is an exemplary smoking pipe that seamlessly combines elegance and simplicity. This compact pipe showcases a beautifully designed beehive-inspired body, adorned with a sophisticated matte finish. The Beehive pipe also incorporates a convenient screw-on tar trap lid, offering seamless cleaning capabilities. Moreover, its innovative screenless bowl design eliminates the necessity for replacement screens. Rest assured, the longevity of this extraordinary pipe ensures it will accompany you for many years to come. Made in the USA.Includes Punchbowl drawstring pipe pouch and cleaning tool.Measurements: 1.20" H/ 3.5" W/ 1.06” DWeight: 2.62 oz.Material: BrassFinish: Matt Finished Surface
Punchbowl - Lava 3.5-Inch Brass Hand Pipe $49.99
The Lava hand pipe, crafted by Punchbowl in Oahu, Hawaii, is a remarkable and uncomplicated smoking pipe. This portable pipe impresses with its sleek dimple surface body that boasts a flawless mirror finish. Lava is particularly advantageous for travel due to its practical screw-on bowl cover, ensuring convenience on the go. In addition, the pipe is designed with a screw-on tar trap lid, facilitating effortless cleaning. With its screenless bowl, the need for screens is eliminated, further enhancing its user-friendly features. Rest assured, the durability of the Lava pipe guarantees years of reliable performance. Made in the USA.Includes Punchbowl drawstring pipe pouch and cleaning tool.Measurements: 1.25" H/ 3.5" W/ 0.95” DWeight: 2.54 oz.Material: BrassFinish: Mirror Polished Dimple Surface
Punchbowl - Popeye 3.5-Inch Brass Hand Pipe $39.99
The Popeye hand pipe, ingeniously created by Punchbowl in Oahu, Hawaii, stands out as an exceptional smoking pipe. This meticulously crafted pipe boasts a flawlessly polished exterior, delivering a luxuriously smooth touch. What sets the Popeye pipe apart is its innovative design featuring a screw-on bowl and lid positioned on the lower section, enabling effortless access to the tar trap for convenient cleaning. Thanks to its skillfully engineered screenless bowl, the need for screens is completely eliminated. Engineered with utmost precision using top-quality brass, this pipe guarantees exceptional durability, ensuring an elegant aesthetic throughout every use. Cleaning this pipe is a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly disassemble the bowl and tar trap, detach the mouthpiece, and utilize your preferred cleaner. Made in the USA.Includes Punchbowl drawstring pipe pouch and cleaning tool.Measurements: 1.25" H/ 3.5" W/ 0.95” DWeight: 2.80 oz.Material: BrassFinish: Mirror Polished Surface
Fumo Forum
Fumo Pipe - Original $69.99
The Fumo Pipe is an innovative compact palm size steamroller that delivers the ultimate rush with its revolutionary spring-loaded Push-Carb System! Simply press the button and see your smoke disappear. The forward thinking design of Fumo Pipe brings best of two worlds - a simple and unbreakable pipe held together with two heat & chemical resistant Viton® O-rings, combined with a delivery system to enjoy a fresh, smooth and a particle-free smoking experience! Fumo Pipe combines a stainless steel screw-on bowl with a tobacco compartment found underneath for easy on-the-go, an anodized billet aluminum body and finished it with a Polycarbonate chamber, hence making the Fumo Pipe virtually indestructible. Both the stainless steel bowl and filtration screen have undergone “passivation” to remove all impurities (same cleaning process used for surgical components.) This allows a clean and equal burn only to leave you with properly tasting smoke. Furthermore, the Heat-Sink Anodized Billet Aluminum Body is designed to chill smoke in 4 systematic stages. In its 1st stage hot smoke passes through a small opening underneath the bowl. Working its way into the 2nd stage, it travels through a larger opening underneath the Push-Carb System. In its 3rd stage the cool smoke finally enters the tube chamber. To active the 4th stage, just hit Push-Carb button to combine cool fresh air to further chill your smoke! Clean your Fumo Pipe with ease. Just unscrew the bowl, pull off the Push-Carb button, twist off the Polycarbonate tube chamber, and use proper metal & plastic cleaning formulas - it’s that simple!
Aqua Pipe
Aqua Pipe $19.99
Aqua Pipe, since 1979 this nifty all-in-one handheld water pipe has shown the world’s first, indestructible, compact, pocket size water pipe with a 90-degree swivel mouthpiece built-in! For added convenience, the bowl and downstem are one-piece which makes filling and cleaning seamless – just twist-off the bowl. Aqua Pipes bowl construction is made of heat resistant plastic, the same material used in industrial plastic ashtrays, while the water reservoir is regular medical-grade plastic. It does not melt or emit fumes. Aqua Pipe stand 4" inches tall, and 1.40" inches in diameter. Available in 5 attractive colors. TIP: please don’t try melting the bowl, because you’ll succeed!
GrindX - Performance Herb Grinder 2-Piece 2.2-Inch $6.99
GrindX™ Performance Herb Grinder is the World’s First grinder equipped with Press-Lock Technology™. This innovative prong closer design presses together to close and lock airtight - leaving moisture out and herbs fresh all without using magnets or threads! Equipped with 50 sharp Pyramid shaped teeth, and made using virtually indestructible BPA-free high impact plastic, GrindX is non-stick, smooth and easy to turn - even for people with minor achy hands!Enjoy consistent results every time, the more your turn the fluffier herbs will become. GrindX is extremely low maintenance, it wipes clean like new with alcohol pipes, or it can safely be used in the dishwasher for a shiny new look. Plus, GrindX comes with Jar, a dedicated protective storage that snaps closed airtight & watertight! Lifetime Warranty! Made in the USA.Specifications:1 GrindX1 JarDiameter: 2.2-inches / 55.88 millimetersHeight: 0.90-inches / 22.86 millimetersWeight: 0.97 oz./ 27.49 gramsCapacity: 2 grams
Bright Bay
Bright Bay - OG Chillum 4-Inch Glass One Hitter Pipe $1.49
The OG Chillum one hitter glass pipe is a discreet and simple smoking solution for use on the go. The classic one hitter design allows for quick and easy hits. The one hitter is made with heat resistant and durable borosilicate glass. An OG Chillum emblem is printed on the side of the body. While the pipe is great for repeated use, the affordable price makes it easy to replace if lost or discarded. The OG Chillum is easy to clean with warm water, soap, and cotton swabs.Measurements: 4" H/ 0.5" D
ALLIN1E - All-In-One Dugout Smoking System $49.99
ALLIN1E is an all-in-one 4-piece modular dugout smoking system designed precisely around the needs of a smoker. ALLIN1E is made using scratch resistant anodized aluminum that offers a built-in 2-piece herb grinder, ceramic one-hitter bat, stainless steel cleaning poker tool, a hefty storage compartment, and sloth to hold a small BIC lighter. It’s sturdy and virtually indestructible. In addition to its highly practical features, ALLIN1E is air-tight, water proof, and odor proof. ALLIN1E is travel friendly which fits comfortably in your pocket or handbag for ease on the go. (SMALL BIC LIGHTER NOT-INCLUDED!)Measurements: 4.875" H/ 1.25" DOne-Hitter Bat: 2.25” H/ 0.375” D

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