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Hightanium Design - The Outlaw 3.25-Inch Titanium One Hitter Pipe $34.99
The Hightanium Designed Outlaw One-Hitter is made for the person who desires to be very inconspicuous. This one-hitter can fit conveniently in your dugout, cigarette pack, pocket, or hand bag. The beautifully hand-made Outlaw titanium one-hitter comes with a cool screw on bowl is smooth from end to end. Also, since these bowls are removable, you can customize the size of the bowl by choosing a regular, large, or extra-large bowl! Best of all, the design of the small intake in the bowl with a large chamber for air flow eliminates the blast of ashes that come in your mouth with traditional metal pipes. Made in USA.Measurements: 3.25" L/ 0.375" D
Hightanium Design
Hightanium Design - The Why Not 2.25 & 3.25-Inch Titanium... $32.99
The Hightanium Designed Why Not One Hitter is made from 100% pure grade titanium making this one of the best smoking and fresh tasting one-hitters available. The pure titanium pipe provides a clean smoking experience. With a taste as smooth as glass, you can rest assured knowing you are inhaling your herb through pure titanium. In a rather ingenious manner, it is threaded to allow both the end and the resin catch to be removed for super easy cleaning! Best of all, it can easily fit in your, dugout, pocket, cigarette pack, or bag. Made in USA.Measurements:Short - 2.25" L/ 0.375" DLong - 3.25" L/ 0.375" D
Hightanium Design
Hightanium Design - Vagabond 3.25-Inch Titanium One Hitter Pipe $39.99
The Hightanium Designed Vagabond One-Hitter is made using a special two-step coloring process that produces the unique appearance that the Vagabond offers. This beautifully hand-made titanium pipe comes with a convenient screw on bowl - available separately in 3 different sizes: Regular, Large, and X-Large. The bowl features grooves on the side designed for optimum heat absorption and grip. Best of all, the Vagabond One-Hitter is three inches long and can fit easily in your pocket or bag. Made in USA. Measurement: 3.25" L/ 0.375" D

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