All-In-One Smoking Tool | Swiss Army Knife for Herb

All-In-One Smoking Tool | Swiss Army Knife for Herb

When it comes to smoking herb and oils, there are a ton of great tools out there to make your life easier. WickiePipes carries the largest selection of multi-tools designed for smokers by smokers. Here you will learn about some of the most unique smoking tools known to man. These tools include the Dabit Card, Nuggy Multi-Tool, Kush Army Knife, Lifted Industry Toker Multi-Tool Titanium, RYOT Multi Utility Tool, and the High Knife. Each of these amazing pieces are built with quality materials and made to last with a convenient design that fits right in your pocket. So, let’s see what they are all about. 

V-Syndicate - Dabit Card

The Dabit Card by V-Syndicate is an innovative and artfully crafted tool kit, grinder, and prep-tray all in one. What’s great about the Dabit Card is that it’s compact in size and easily able to fit in your pocket. How many other rolling trays and grinders do you know that can fit in your pocket? All of this is possible thanks to V-Syndicates patented grind technology. In addition to the grinder and rolling tray, the Dabit Card comes with 4 amazing tools that all service a unique purpose. These tools include a packer, spork, scraper, and poker. With these tools, you can pack your vape pen, clean your pipe or bong, take fat dabs, scrape oil residue, and so much more.

The V-Syndicate Dabit Card is affordably priced at $24.99 making it the most affordable multi-tool of the list. It also comes in a variety of designs including: Elephant, Hamsa, Oil Head, Nebula, and Tribal Lion.

NugTools – Nuggy Multi-Tool

The Nuggy Multi-Tool by NugTools is an amazing smoking tool with 10 unique stainless-steel tools and Nuggy’s built-in LED flashlight. These tools include a pipe tamper, pick, scraper, clip, mini spoon, scissors, knife, flat head screwdriver, and bottle opener. Best of all, since Nuggy uses ultrasonic welding procedures to seal the plastic outer shell, your Nuggy multi-tool will last for many years.

Check out this amazingly compact pocket-sized smoking tool and grab one today for just $32.99.

Kush Army Knife – Smokers Multi-Tool

Kush Army Knife is the proud creator of the famous smoker’s multi-tool. This tool looks like a pretty standard Swiss army knife but instead all the tools have been swapped out with everything a smoker could ever need. The Kush Army Knife includes a magnifying glass to check out those crystals on your herb, a roach clip, scissors, pipe poker, dabber, knife, and of course a bottle opener.

The Kush Army Knife weighs only 4oz and is pocket-sized with dimensions of .75” H / 3.5” L / 1” W. Grab this universal smokers dream come true tool for $39.99.

Lifted Industry – Toker Multi-Tool Titanium

Toker Multi-Tools by Lifted Industry are some of the finest pocket-sized smoking tools available. The 10-in-1 grade 2 titanium Toker is the perfect Swiss Army Knife for smoking with a body of stainless steel and titanium bonded coating for extreme performance. This one of a kind tools comes with a fork/opener, angled edge, packer, scissors, spatula, poker, scoop, shovel, pick, and clip. It also comes with a fantastic nylon carry case for increased protection while traveling.

Pick up this universal smoking tool at WickiePipes for $44.99 and never leave your house without the necessary tools.

RYOT Multi Utility Tool

The RYOT Utility Tool offers a ton of functionality along with a sleek design and great feel. Not only is this piece perfect for smokers, but beer drinkers alike. Whether you need to poke, scrape, dab, scoop, cut, open bottle caps, or grind up your favorite herbs, the RYOT utility tool will do the job. The tools labeled include a tobacco tamper, poker, curved blade, grinder plate, two-prong concentrate fork, silicone scoop, flat scoop, detail hook, bottle opener, and flat head screwdriver.

Made from forged lightweight stainless steel, this innovative tool is able to handle the toughest jobs while being sleek enough to fit easily in your pocket, purse, or bag. For a great feel, grip, and durable design, this tool is offered in a dedicated rubber casing for hassle free traveling. Since RYOT is so confident you are going to love this product, they even offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Grab your RYOT Multi-Tool today for just $49.00.

High Knife

High Knife is one of the most versatile pocket knives in the world. Unlike any of the smoking tools we have mentioned above, the High Knife includes a built-in pipe right inside of the knife. In addition to the pipe, the High Knife comes with a variety of accessories such as a pipe sleeve, pipe cleaner, and roach clip. It also offers utility tools such as different size blades, wine, bottle & can opener, screwdriver, toothpick, sewing tool, and tweezers. Best of all, it comes in its own embossed stash box that can be used for storing your product. This beauty can be yours for just $49.99.

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