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Sherlock Glass Pipes are very different from traditional spoon pipes because of their curvy S-shape design. Came to become known amongst smokers after the famous Sherlock Holmes movie, the unique design that Sherlock pipes offer make them smooth to smoke with as smoke travels straight up vertically allowing partials and debris to stay at the bottom. Given the feature, Sherlock pipes site well in the hand, are very appealing to the eye and ensure that you will have a smoking pipe unique from just about everyone else.

With a ton of customizability, WickiePipes carries all of the best Sherlock glass pipes hand blown from thick borosilicate glass right here in America. Find color changing glass, gold & silver fumed, Dichro, latticino, bubble trap, and frosted glass designs from all of the top brands. Stand out from the crowd with a Sherlock pipe that is as uniquely awesome as you are.

Sherlock Glass Pipes

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