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The Fumo Pipe is an innovative hand held top loaded steamroller that packs the ultimate punch using its revolutionary spring-loaded Push-Carb System - simply press the button to experience a steamroller unlike any other. Available in 4 designs, the Original, Aloha Bling, Swirl Bling and Flame Black, and with it’s customizable Extension tubes, Group bowls and accessories and replacement parts, rest assured the Fumo Pipe will become a favorite. For years of quality smoking, Fumo Pipe is equipped with an anodized billet aluminum Heat-Sink body, an unbreakable 3” clear polycarbonate chamber, stainless steel bowl & screen, and stainless spring loaded Push-Carb System.

You are going to love the Fumo Pipe’s Heat-Sink aluminum body that cools the smoke in 4 systematic stages. Stage 1 – hot smoke passes through a small opening underneath the bowl. Stage 2 – smoke travels through a larger opening underneath the Push-Carb System. Stage 3 – the cool smoke finally enters chamber. Stage 4 – hit the Push-Carb button to combine cool fresh air to your smoke.

Fumo Pipes

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Fumo Pipe