Sherlock bubblers are among one of our most recognizable and unique styles of bubbler pipes available here at WickiePipes. These glass bubblers range from the classic sherlock upright style bubblers with a signature bulbous curve that resembles that of an old-fashioned smoking pipe that earned it its name, to much more complex and intricate designs. All of these glass bubblers are portable and designed with convenience in mind.

They feature intake carbs, various percolators, and many different shapes and exciting colors from all of the top brands all hand blown in here in the USA. From classic clear can borosilicate glass, to vibrantly colored glass and even color changing fumed glass, all varieties are available. Find the ideal sherlock bubbler for you right here, fill it with water, sit back and enjoy a smooth and relaxing smoke that's sure to never disappoint.

Sherlock Bubblers

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