Glass Bubblers aka bubbler pipes are the perfect solution for anyone looking to combine the portability of a hand pipe with the smooth hitting functionality of a water pipe. Bubblers get their name from the process in which the smoke is filtered. As you inhale, the smoke moves down the tube towards the water which causes bubbles to appear. These smoke-infused bubbles act as filtration and help to create a consistently cool and smooth hit.

WickiePipes is proud to offer a huge selection of glass bubblers for all your dry herb and concentrate uses. Whether you are new to smoking looking to buy your first bubbler or a veteran smoker looking to add a glass bubbler to your collection, we’ve got just what you need. We only carry the very best bubblers from top brands such as Marley Natural, Chameleon Glass, Aqua Pipe, GRAV, Alpha Cat, and many more.


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