PYPTEK - Dreamroller 5.5-Inch Glass Steamroller Hand Pipe $99.99
The PYPTEK Dreamroller is a modern glass steamroller hand pipe featuring a front designed Instant-Clear mechanical push carb system to deliver powerful draws. Simply light and press the button to clear the chamber. Its pressurized chamber makes the Dreamroller 10 times easier to draw than a standard pipe. Made with 6061 aircraft-grade anodized aluminum exoskeleton and borosilicate glass, Dreamroller provides, comfort, performance and durability. Given the wide mouthpiece opening, the Dreamroller is designed to deliver powerful hits any given moment. Shock-absorbing silicone gaskets surround the glass to prevent breakage. For easy cleaning, the Dreamroller is made up 3 parts - the shell, glass, and Instant-Clear carb - simply pull off the carb, clean the glass and slide the carb back in. For thorough cleaning slide out the glass.Measurements: 5.5" L/ 1.5" DChoose PYPTEK Dreamroller in 5 colors: black, blue, green, purple & red.
UNDURCUVUR - STEAM 4.25-Inch Silicone Glass Steamroller Pipe $29.99
The UNDURCUVUR STEAM glass pipe is a direct injection front-carb Steamroller designed in a compact and travel friendly fashion wrapped in shockproof silicone skin. The STEAM is made using borosilicate glass. It’s both easy to carry and clean.For added storing protection and 100% odor-proof convenience, use STEAM with UNDURCUVUR STASH. UNDURCUVUR have hand-picked a proprietary blend of polymers (rubber) with the goal of eliminating gas permeability (which is how odor is transported through polymers like silicone). Silicone rubber has 450 times the gas permeability of UNDURCUVUR rubber blend. Included: 1 - Silicone Sleeve1 - Glass steamroller pipe10 - 6" wood cleaning cotton swabs(STASH NOT INCLUDED) Measurements: 4" H/1.25" DWeight: 2.75 OZ.
Mathematix Glass
Mathematix Glass - Double Bowl Skull 10-Inch Glass Steamroller Pipe $42.99
The Mathematix Glass Double Bowl Skull Steamroller glass hand pipe is a skull-shaped steamroller that fits two bowls for double the action. It offers a front carb direct injection performance. The skull's eyes are the two bowls, an impressive and unique hand pipe design by Mathematix. The handheld steamroller stretches 10 inches and works great for travel. A colored dot of glass that matches the skull in placed on the tip of the pipe and the Mathematix logo is printed on the body. Made of two-tone cane glass, the pipe is both durable and heat resistant.Measurements: 2.75" H/ 10" L/ 2.25" W
Marley Natural
Marley Natural - Smoked 3-Inch Glass Steamroller Pipe $40.00
The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Steamroller Pipe is a luxury steamroller pipe made for smoking the finest herb. Part of the Smoked Glass line, the steamroller features an ash catcher at the mouthpiece and tinted black glass. Each piece is accented with a gold stripe evoking the Jamaican spirit. The steamroller sports a gold “M” emblem as well. A unique thumb-press bowl makes it easy to pack the desired amount. Each Marley Natural Smoked Glass piece is made to perfection.Measurements: 1" H/ 6.25" L/ 0.75" D
Jellyfish Glass
Jellyfish Glass - Jellyfish 6-Inch Glass Steamroller Pipe $15.99
The White Jellyfish Steamroller Hand Pipe by Jellyfish Glass is a solid cane white pipe measuring 6 inches in length. What makes this piece unique is the cool jellyfish that is part of the glass design. The top of the jellyfish starts at the bowl piece and its tentacles stretch down to the mouthpiece. You are going to be “shocked” by the purple, yellow, blue, and black colors that make up the body of this jellyfish. Made from solid cane borosilicate glass, your collection is not complete until you have the Jellyfish Steamroller hand pipe. Measurements: 1" H/ 6" L/ 1" W
Marley Natural
Marley Natural - Large Steamroller 6.5-Inch $60.00
Marley Natural Large Steamroller combines the classic design with Marley Natural’s 2-piece premium appearance to create a magnificent straight steamroller pipe with front-carb action. Made using hand-blown clear cane borosilicate glass and a rounded American Black Walnut mouthpiece, Large Steamroller perfectly balances utility and design. The 6.5” long Steamroller comes with a Curved Wooden Stand to display this signature piece. For cleaning - simply pull the base off the wood mouthpiece and use your favorite glass cleaner. Do not use liquid cleaners on the wood. Only a nylon brush or pipe cleaner for the wood stem. Measurements: 3.75" H/ 6.5" L/ 3.75" D
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Jellyfish Glass
Jellyfish Glass - Glow In The Dark Jellyfish 6-Inch Glass... $15.99
The Glow In The Dark Jellyfish Glass Steamroller Hand Pipe by Jellyfish Glass is a solid cane black steamroller pipe measuring 6 inches in length. What would appear to be a standard black steamroller actually comes with a huge surprise when you see it in the dark. This piece has a glow in the dark jellyfish that goes down the body of this pipe. The top of the jellyfish starts at the bowl piece and its tentacles stretch down to the mouthpiece. You are going to be “shocked” by the glow in the dark body of this jellyfish. Made from solid cane borosilicate glass, your collection is not complete until you have the Glow In The Dark Jellyfish Steamroller pipe. Made in USA.Measurements: 1" H/ 6" L/ 1" W
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Jane West
Jane West by GRAV - The Steamroller 4.5-Inch Glass Pipe $50.00
The Steamroller glass pipe designed by Jane West and made by GRAV is a contemporary, one piece take on an iconic pipe design. This cobalt blue steamroller is a great method for quickly delivering delicious hits straight to your mouth. The Steamroller’s perfectly placed finger rests makes it feel substantial and natural in your hand, with an intuitive, oversized carb and lifted exterior bowl. This steamroller offers a classic design that has been improved for modern use.Measurements: 1.5" H/ 4.5" L/ 1" W

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