Organic Hemp Wicks are by far the best way to smoke your herb. Not only is it a more natural and pure way to smoke but it is actually more economical when you think about it. How many lighters have you gone through in your life? How many of those lighters have been lost, stolen, misplaced, or simply ran out of fuel? Hemp Wick is the perfect solution for all your lighter problems. Simply light up your hemp wick and put the lighter away while your hemp wick does the work. This saves your lighter from being passed around and misplaced and also saves the butane in it so your lighter will last over 10x longer. Organic Hemp Wick removes all possibility of butane and sulfur from entering your while preserving the original taste of your favorite herbs. Checkout the original I-Tal Organic Hemp Wick and Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick right here at WickiePipes.

Organic Hemp Wicks

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