A carb cap is a total game changer when it comes to taking dabs. Carb caps are designed to be used with domeless nails. If you use a domeless nail without a carb cap, you can be certain you are inhaling large amounts of cold air into the chamber of your nail. This also reduces the overall flavor of your oils and concentrates. A carb cap is designed with a small hole that restricts airflow while increasing flavor. Simply heat up your heating element, drop your dab on the nail, and cover the nail with your carb cap.

WickiePipes is all about high-quality dabbing. There is nothing worse than overheating your nail and smoking burnt concentrates. Carb caps help you keep the temperature just right, by retaining heat like a convection oven. Choose from a variety of carb caps made from titanium, quartz, and ceramic.

Carb Caps

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