The Incredibowl Pipe is an amazing direct injection tube pipe chillum that delivers an unapologetic punch. Available both in the mini pocket size M420 and the original massive I420 - Incredibowl offers an unmatched smoking experience. This modern-day chillum is equipped unbreakable polycarbonate chamber, anodized aluminium BowlArmor, front loading glass bowl and an innovative spring loaded annular Purge-Carb jet system that clears the chamber with a just a pull. The filtration system is perfect for catching unwanted debris and the BowlArmor is designed to keep your glass bowl safe against accidents.

Find both the mini hand held M420 and the original large I420 Incredibowls and choose between a variety of colors and packaging. Best of all, Incredibowl is completely customizable with the ability to add 10” and 20” extension chambers, water pipe attachments, and sherlock attachments.

Incredibowl Pipes

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