Jellyfish Glass | Chillums, Spoon Pipes, & More

Jellyfish Glass | Chillums, Spoon Pipes, & More

Jellyfish Glass is the proud creator of a wide variety of glass pipes. While they have a ton of products ranging in size and color, they all fit into one of five categories. These categories are chillums, steamrollers, flat mouth spoons, frosted spoon pipes, and cigarette one-hitters. Each piece is made from high quality borosilicate glass to ensure that your herb maintains the highest level of flavor and your pipe is easy to clean.

In this article, we will be talking about my favorite pipe from each of the five categories mentioned above. While these are my favorite pieces, everyone has their own styles and opinions so I encourage you to take a look at the full Jellyfish Glass line up of steamroller, flat mouth, frosted spoons, chillums, and one-hitters. 


The Jax-Bat Tribal 3.25-Inch Chillum by Jellyfish Glass is one of many uniquely designed chillums by Jellyfish Glass. With over 16 unique options of chillums, it was hard to choose a favorite. The 3.5-inch Jax-Bat Tribal Ram is my favorite because of the real looking tribal prints that cover this chillum. 

The Jax-Bat Tribal Ram Chillum is made of solid borosilicate glass with a black canvas and white tribal marks. These tribal marks are unlike anything you would ever find on a pipe, and more like tribal tattoos that you see on someone’s body. If you think tribal markings are interesting, but want to avoid getting a tribal tattoo, this piece is the perfect balance. 

With a large bowl and signature 3-hole design for even packing, you can’t go wrong with this lightweight chillum. With dimensions of .75” H / 3.5” L / .75” D you can pick up this chillum or any other design for just $19.99. 


The glow-in-the-dark 6-Inch Jellyfish Glass Steamroller, by Jellyfish Glass is a solid cane black steamroller pipe measuring 6 inches in length. What would appear to be a standard black steamroller actually comes with a huge surprise when you see it in the dark. This piece has a glow in the dark jellyfish that goes down the body of this pipe. 

The top of the jellyfish starts at the bowl piece and its tentacles stretch down to the mouthpiece. You are going to be “shocked” by the glow in the dark body of this jellyfish. Made from solid cane borosilicate glass, your collection is not complete until you have the Glow In The Dark Jellyfish Steamroller pipe. 

This particular piece has dimensions of 1” H / 6” L / 1” W and can be ordered from WickiePipes at the very affordable price of $19.99. 

Flat Mouth Spoon Pipe

The Squiggles Flatmouth 4.5-Inch Glass Spoon Hand Pipe by Jellyfish Glass is an amazing piece of art measuring 4.5 inches in length. What makes this piece so unique is its breathtaking design that looks like nothing you have ever seen before. 

The Squiggles Flat Mouth pipe has wide holes of the carb, bowl piece, and mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is flattened and wide allowing huge amounts of smoke to pass through to your lungs. Silver fumed, the design and colors of this piece looks like smoke has been trapped inside the glass. 

Choose the Squiggles Flatmouth hand pipe made from silver fumed borosilicate glass in 2 colors: green and blue for $29.99. 

Frosted Spoon Pipe

The Lines In The Sand Frosted 5-Inch Glass Spoon Pipe, by Jellyfish Glass is a wonderful piece of art measuring roughly 5 inches in length. WARNING! This piece has caused many people to stare at its amazing design for days at a time without moving an inch. 

Lines In The Sand has been sandblasted for a unique frosted look. With its large party bowl this pipe is perfect for puffing and passing with a group of friends. It’s dimensions are 1.5” H / 5” L / 2” W. 

Choose the Lines In The Sand Frosted Pipe made from borosilicate glass in 3 colors: black, green, and blue for just $49.99. 

Cigarette One-Hitter

The Cigarette 3.5-Inch Glass One Hitter Pipe, by Jellyfish Glass is a wonderful little one-hitter measuring roughly 3.5 inches in length. This piece is perfect for taking small single hits from your house or on the go. With a two-tone cane finish, this glass one-hitter not only looks like a cigarette, it has a small bubble that acts as a roll stopper to keep your herb in place. 

Made from solid borosilicate glass, everyone needs at least a single one-hitter in their collection. Make the Jellyfish Glass One Hitter a part of your collection today for the low price of $9.99.

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