UNDURCUVUR | Dugouts, Stash Jars, & Steamrollers

UNDURCUVUR | Dugouts, Stash Jars, & Steamrollers

UNDURCUVUR (pronounced “under cover”) is an innovative company that is manufacturing discreet and odor proof smoking accessories made from glass and rubber. UNDURCUVUR has a mission to bring an innovative, stylish, and protected glass smoking accessory to the market. When you buy UNDURCUVUR you never have to worry about damaging your glass with their protective rubber casing. Not only are these pieces under the cover of rubber, they are also called “under cover” because they are either naturally odor proof, or can be upgraded to odor proof. UNDURCUVUR creates the stealthiest dugouts, jars, and steamrollers known to man. Since they truly care about quality, the rubber blend that UNDURCUVUR uses is 450 times less permeable than traditional silicone rubber. This means that there are virtually no odors being transmitted during use.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about each of the unique products that UNDURCUVUR is responsible for creating. In this article, we will discuss 7 unique products that are either stash jars, steamrollers, or dugouts. These 7 products include the STASH Silicone Stash Jar, STOR-Full Glass Stash Jar, STOR-Net Glass Stash Jar, STOR-Window Glass Stash Jar, STEAM Glass Steamroller, ONE-Full Coverage Dugout, and the ONE-Window Dugout. 

STASH Silicone Stash Jar

UNDURCUVUR presents STASH, the only 100% odor-proof and shockproof rubber pipe holder case to safely store glass pipes. STASH perfectly holds pipes that are 5-inches or less as it measures nearly 5-inches in length and 2-inches in width. STASH has a tight lid to keep your glass pipes smell-free and safe for traveling. Simply slide a pipe in, flip down the rim, place the cap on firmly and flip the rim back around the cap to give you an odor proof, waterproof, ultra-durable container. The STASH silicone stash jar is perfectly compatible with the UNDURCUVUR STEAM glass pipe. Grab the UNDURCUVUR STASH silicone stash jar for your pipe for only $14.99. 

STOR-Full Glass Stash Jar

The STOR-Full by UNDURCUVUR presents the world’s first stash storing solution for your herb by combining a glass jar with an odor-proof rubber silicone casing. The combination of a 3mm thick glass and 2.5mm thick, shockproof, slip-free protective rubber skin makes this jar a discreet and odor-proof solution for keeping your herbs fresh, safe, and discreet. STOR-Full can store up to 1/8 ounce of herbs and about ¼ ounce of condensed herbs. Grab your UNDURCUVUR STOR-Full for $19.99.

STOR-Net Glass Stash Jar

The STOR-Net is essentially the same thing as the STOR-Full except the Net has a net-like rubber cover instead of a fully covered rubber casing. The UNDURCUVUR STOR-Net stash jar will still offer you the same great protection as the Full with its odor-proof, shockproof, and slip-free protective rubber casing. The main difference is that you can see inside of the stash jar with the Net while the Full is fully covered. Pick up a UNDURCUVUR STOR-Net glass stash jar for $19.99.

STOR-Window Glass Stash Jar

The STOR-Window glass stash jar also has the same great features as the Full and Net. It features 2.5mm thick rubber and 3mm thick glass with the ability to store 1/8 of ground herbs and about ¼ of condensed herbs. What makes the STOR-Window stash jar unique from the rest is the rubber casing designed with a cut out that looks like a window. You now have the ability to see inside your jar while still having the security that the UNDURCUVUR products provide. Grab a STOR-Window stash jar for $19.99. 

STEAM Glass Steamroller

The UNDURCUVUR STEAM glass pipe is a direct injection front-carb steamroller pipe designed in a compact and travel friendly fashion wrapped in shockproof silicone skin. The STEAM is made using high quality and thick borosilicate glass. It is both easy to carry due to its compact design and easy to clean. Don’t forget, the UNDURCUVUR STASH is the perfect companion for the Steam giving it added protection and the convenience of being 100% odor-proof. Grab this heavy hitting, durable, and compact glass steamroller today for just $34.99.

ONE-Full Coverage Dugout

The ONE-Full dugout by UNDURCUVUR brings an innovative all-in-one solution to smokers who like having their smoking gear all in one place. ONE-Full combines a thick 2.5mm glass stash jar, 3-inch One-Hitter and a 100% odor-proof, shockproof rubber skin making it the perfect storage + dugout system. The fully covered black rubber skin helps keep your content discreet and unseen. ONE-Full large glass jar holds up to ¼ ounce of ground herbs. Simply pull the lid off to get to your herbs, and close it back up when you are finished. With the UNDURCUVUR hand-picked proprietary blend of polymers that eliminate gas permeability, this product is 450 times better than traditional rubber blends. The ONE-Full Coverage Dugout is only $34.99.

ONE-Window Dugout

The ONE-Window Dugout by UNDURCUVUR comes with all of the same great features as the Full Coverage Dugout except it offers a little window to check in on your goods. Grab this all-in-one pipe, storage, and odor proof, shock resistant dugout for just $34.99.

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