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Kannastor Grinder | Custom Herb Grinders & Storage

Kannastor Grinder | Custom Herb Grinders & Storage

Kannastor is a very recognizable name in the herbal grinder industry and the producer of the world’s most advanced grinders. Kannastor Grinders pride themselves on the quality products they make and the unique features that their grinders offer. For example, Kannastor offers a removable screen for easy cleaning and screen replacement. Unique drop through holes that aid in preventing excessive shredding of your herb. An extra-large storage capacity. Specially designed blades for a truly perfect grind, every time. And a super handy screen guard that assists with stress reduction on your screens. Whether you are looking for single chamber grinders, multi chamber grinders, storage containers or the GR8TR, Kannastor does it all. Let’s learn a little bit more about each of these products.

Single chamber grinders, multi chamber grinders and storage containers.

GR8TR Grinder

The GR8TR Grinder comes in three unique styles: Solid Body, Vape Grinder, and the Jar Body. The Solid Body and Jar Body are essentially the same grinder except the Jar Body comes with a transparent body where your ground herb can be seen while the Solid Body is a solid colored anodized aluminum. The Vape Grinder is a little bit different because it is specifically designed for Vaping. The Vape Grinder does not include the Easy Change Screen and only comes with one Plate (a second can be purchased separately. Other then that, all of these grinders are going to have the amazing features listed below.

Micro-Teeth and Press Design – The Micro-Teeth and press design utilizes stronger teeth for an effortless grind. This design shreds your herb from the top and bottom while simultaneously pressing the grinds. Don’t tire yourself out grinding with dull teeth grinders that are difficult to turn, the GR8TR requires very little torque for a consistent and easy grind. Additionally, the Micro-Teeth allow you to remove sticky herb with your fingers rather than using a special tool to get in-between the teeth.

Friction / Residue Rings – This is the secret to the GR8TR’s effortless grind. Instead of feeling friction from the exterior wall of the press and inner wall of the grinding chamber, the GR8TR residue rings create an “Air Ride” which significantly reduces the friction.

Interchangeable GR8TR Plates – GR8TR has created the first and only grinder that allows you to customize the consistency of your herb. So, whether you prefer to smoke out of a Vaporizer, Pipe, or One-Hitter, or anything else, you will find the grind you are looking for.

Putting the SToR in Kannastor – This grinder gives you a variety of storage options. First, you can store a second GR8TR plate for customizable grinding consistency. Second, you can store ground or unground herb inside the grinder top to save for a future session.

Portable by Design – The GR8TR can easily be taken apart connecting the lid and the base to form a pocket-sized storage “puck.” Grind before you leave the house and take your pre-ground herbs with you wherever you go.

Easy Change Screen – Kannastor is the only grinder featuring the Easy Change Screen. Customize your sifting by choosing between a 100 Mesh Monofilament and a 60 Mesh style that is easily changed in seconds. 

Multi Chamber Grinders

The Kannastor Multi Chamber Grinders come in a variety of different shapes and styles.

  • 2.5” 4pc – Clear-Jar, Solid-Jar, Clear-Top, Solid-Top
  • 2.2” 4pc – Clear-Jar, Solid-Jar, Clear-Top, Solid-Top
  • 1.5” 4pc – Solid-Top

The Clear-Jar Kannastor Grinder features the clear lid as well as a clear jar center piece which allows you to view your herb while you are grinding it and after it has been ground.

The Solid-Jar Kannastor Grinder features a solid black lid with a clear jar center piece which allows you to check the status of your herb without even a single twist.

The Clear-Top Kannastor Grinder features a solid aluminum center piece with a clear lid. The clear lid allows you to view the herb while you are grinding to make sure that all your content has dropped through without ever taking off the lid.

The Solid-Top Kannastor Grinder features a solid black lid as well as a solid aluminum center piece keeping the contents of your grinder 100% discreet.

Single Chamber Grinders

The Kannastor Single Chamber Grinders include: 1.5” Solid Top, 2.2” Solid Top, 2.5” Solid Top, 2.2” Clear Top, and 2.5” Clear Top. Each of the Single Chamber Grinders consist of 2 pieces and can easily fit into your pocket to be taken anywhere you go. The clear top gives you the ability to watch your herb as it is being grounded and stored while the solid top keeps the content of your container discreet and invisible. Each piece is held together by high powered magnets and offers the same great Micro-Teeth and residue rings.

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