Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor - Smoke Filter 2.75-Inch Refreshing Bursts $9.99
Hello Neighbor Original, neutralizes smoke and eliminates discomforting odor. Simply, exhale your smoke through Hello Neighbor, and watch your smoke as it converts to burst of refreshing smells. Hello Neighbor is the ideal 3-inch pocket size smoke and odor neutralizer. Hello Neighbor is 100% non-toxic and allows use after use of fresh scented bursts.Measurements: 2.75" H/ 0.5" DChoose from 6 refreshing bursts!CherryCoconutJasmineOrangeVanilla NutXtra Cool Mint
Incredibowl Industries
Incredibowl - i420 Glass Water Pipe Attachment $44.99
Easily convert the Incredibowl i420 from the average Chillum into a water pipe with the glass water pipe attachment. Enjoy the same i420 experience with water.
Toker Poker
Toker Poker - All-In-One Smoker Tool Lighter Sleeve $9.95
Toker Poker is a light weight all-in-one ergonomic lighter sleeve designed for smokers with the right combination of tools built right in. Toker Poker makes smoking more enjoyable because there is less to stuff to carry. Toker Poker is made of plastic, offers lighter sleeve for a large BIC lighter, a tucked in foldable stainless steel bowl poker, a stainless steel bowl tamper/ packer, and an area to wrap around 5-feet of hemp wick. Toker Poker brings the world’s first convenience tool that makes looking for lighters, pokers, tampers and hemp wick "for the health conscious" obsolete.   Measurements: 3" H/ 1.75" L/ 0.75" W Weight: 0.75 oz.
Debowler - Original Pipe Debowler Glass Ashtray $19.99
The Original Debowler Glass Ashtray offers a deep/wide tray, in the center rises its signature pipe poker – seamlessly ash pipes and unclogs bowls at the same time. The Original Debowlers are light weight, hard to break and very easy to clean.
Incredibowl Industries
Incredibowl - m420 Color 90-Degree Glass Bowl $24.99
Incredibowl m420 90-degree glass bowl mix colors. Note: Colors will vary!
I-Tal Hemp Wick
I-Tal - Organic Hemp Wick Dispenser 16.5-Feet $4.99
The Organic Hemp Wick Dispenser 16.5ft by I-tal is the original environmentally-friendly flame source for the health-conscious smoker. This Dispenser allows 16.5ft of hemp to wrap around it for a clean, convenient smoke. I-tal products are made using 100% natural raw hemp which is saturated and cured in 100% refined beeswax, offering users a superior flame for both health and environment. The Dispenser is extremely easy and convenient to use – simply light the hemp, use as needed, and shake to extinguish.
Proto Pipe
Proto Pipe - Accessory Kit $12.95
Proto Pipe Accessory Kit includes the original brass cleaning poker rod, original black 100% neoprene rubber mouthpiece and buffing cloth. Keep your Proto Pipe Classic and Proto Proto Rocket Pipe looking like new. Works with both Proto models. Made in USA.Measurements: 0.12" D/ 2.5" W
Happy Daddy Products
Happy Daddy Products - Tool Tube $2.99
The Happy Daddy Products Tool Tube comes in a variety of 8 attractive colors which has enough room to store 4 tools. Store your clean or dirty tools, the Tool Tube will keep it safe and odor-proof. Fits in pockets, purses and goes wherever you go!

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