Debowler - Original Pipe Debowler Plastic Ashtray $9.99
The Original Plastic Debowler offers a deeper/wider tray and towering in the center rises its signature pipe poker – seamlessly ash pipes and unclogs bowls at the same time. To avoid melting your Debowler, avoid ashing hot embers. Debowlers are light weight, hard to break and very easy to clean.
MJ Arsenal
MJ Arsenal - King Toke 2.25-Inch Glass Blunt Bubbler $24.99
The MJ Arsenal King Toke Blunt Bubbler is a wearable blunt & joint water bubbler fit for a king. This unique pendant is perfect for on the go; simply add your rolled herb and your bubbler is ready for action. Each bubbler comes stamped with a custom MJ logo for authentication. The bubbler is designed to fit all rolled herb sizes. The MJ Arsenal King Toke Blunt Bubbler is spill resistant and features an ergonomically placed carb hole for a natural grip. The double slit function adds a unique touch to your smoking experience. Now you can smoke blunts & joints using water filtration.Measurements: 2.25" H/ 1.75" L/ 1.25"
Marley Natural
Marley Natural - Large Steamroller 6.5-Inch $39.99
Marley Natural Large Steamroller combines the classic design with Marley Natural’s 2-piece premium appearance to create a magnificent straight steamroller pipe with front-carb action. Made using hand-blown clear cane borosilicate glass and a rounded American Black Walnut mouthpiece, Large Steamroller perfectly balances utility and design. The 6.5” long Steamroller comes with a Curved Wooden Stand to display this signature piece. For cleaning - simply pull the base off the wood mouthpiece and use your favorite glass cleaner. Do not use liquid cleaners on the wood. Only a nylon brush or pipe cleaner for the wood stem. Measurements: 3.75" H/ 6.5" L/ 3.75" D
GRAV - 32MM 5.5-Inch Glass Sherlock Pipe $19.99
The Sherlock glass pipe by Grav Labs is their original design blown using 32mm thick glass. The Sherlock features a lay down design that sits flush on flat surfaces, allows easy loading and perfect for travel doe to its small length of only 6-inches. The Sherlock offers a large bowl, side carb and delivers cool smoke with a pressed neck. This design aids to slow down smoke for a smoother, cleaner draw. Blown using borosilicate glass.Measurements: 1.75" H/ 5.5" L/ 1" W
Mathematix Glass
Mathematix Glass - Rasta Marbles 8-Inch Glass Gandalf Pipe $28.99
The Mathematix Glass Rasta Marbles Gandalf glass pipe is a unique Gandalf pipe featuring red, green, yellow and black Rasta color marbles. The Gandalf is an impressive 8 inches long made of borosilicate glass. It features a hefty bowl, side carb for controlling the smoke and the signature curved tubing for a cool smoking experience.Measurements: 2" H/ 8" L/ 1.25" W
Cherry Glass
Cherry Glass - Finger Pinchie 4-Inch Glass One Hitter Pipe $31.99
Discover your next conversation starter. The Finger Pinchie Lava Patina by Cherry Glass is an innovative one-hitter pipe. Signature electroformed glass blends organic material into a beautiful device. Durable borosilicate glass is created to last. Ideal for a busy smoker on the go, the discreet 4 inch long chillum can fit right into your pocket. An intricate design ensures you’ll keep a firm grip while you smoke. Pack a powerful hit for an unforgettable experience.Measurements: 4" L" 0.25" D
Marley Natural
Marley Natural - Water Pipe 12-Inch $240.00
Marley Natural deluxe glass water pipe is an elegant design using a mixture of American Black Walnut and hand-blown borosilicate glass fused into one functional pipe. The 12-inch glass-on-glass water pipe features a 5-hole diffused percolator downstem, 3-prong ice pinch for smooth, cool and enjoyable experience. The removable wood chamber connecting to the beaker base caters for the easy maintenance of this exquisite piece. Expand your collection with Marley Natural Water Pipe. Measurements: 12" H/ 5" D
Cherry Glass
Cherry Glass - 420 Watch 4-Inch Glass Spoon Pipe $67.99
Discover your next conversation starter. The 420 Watch Lava Patina by Cherry Glass is compact glass spoon pipe. Signature electroformed borosilicate glass blends organic material into a beautiful device. This functional work of art features an original Quartz clock always set to the perfect time. Easy to handle at 4 inches long. Effortless to hold in one hand. Made in USA.Measurements: 1.25" H/ 4" L/ 2" W

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