Bongs are an iconic smoking tool that are a lot of fun to use and here at WickiePipes we've hand selected a variety of the highest quality and most exceptional glass bongs for you to choose from. We offer smooth-hitting gravity bongs, classic glass bongs, convenient mini bongs for on-the-go smoking and more. In addition to your conventional options we offer all the most modern and popular styles designed to suit the needs of even the most discerning smoking enthusiast. One such example being our awesome percolator bongs which use a variety of sophisticated percolators to filter and cool down smoke. Some featured percolators include honeycomb percs, dome percs, showerhead percs, recyclers, cyclones and more.

You’ll also find an assorted collection of beaker bongs which with their wide, solid base and low center of gravity are a great option for home stationery units. They also provide excellent filtration. Other industry favorites include Scientific glass bongs which are designed to expertly filter your hits for a superior smooth draw as well as high-quality hand blown straight tube bongs which, due to their simple cylindrical shape are very easy to keep clean. Whether you’re seeking something simple, complex, or somewhere in between, our selection of quality American-made bongs will never disappoint. Explore our full selection here to find the bong that’s perfectly suited for your personal needs.


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