GRAV is a well respected leader in the smoking industry manufacturing high-quality functional scientific glass, innovative designs and affordable pricing. Using borosilicate glass, GRAV manufactures water pipe bongs, dab rigs, bubblers, Sherlocks, spoon pipes, steamrollers and glass blunts. GRAV specialty lines include Android, Helix, Upline, STAX and Ionix Vaporizer. Founded in 2004 out of Austin, Texas, GRAV has grown from a single SKU product being the renowned Gravitron Gravity pipe to an established brand now manufacturing an array of quality glass pipes more than a decade later. They produce unique and modern pipes that set a standard. The turn of the century came when GRAV launched GRAV Studios, which collaborates with ground breaking glass artists across the country to bring few of their most popular designs to a global masses. It includes glass from; Cicuit, designed by Turbo, Turbin, designed by Steven Bates, Diffusion Pumps, designed by Bates & Worms, Stephan Peirce Glass (SPG), Jane West, Boro Loco and Blockhead. GRAV was built on a promise; to push the boundaries of pipe design by challenging the status quo and taking care of their team and retail partners. Holding true to that promise GRAV pushes themselves to be better every day. Whether you need a glass blunt for on-the-go toking or a large glass bong with heavy diffusion, GRAV has it all. Each GRAV product is made with very high quality materials and submits to quality control inspections ensuring that your piece is built to last.


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