Punchbowl - Beehive 3.5-Inch Brass Hand Pipe $49.99
The Punchbowl Beehive hand pipe, crafted in Oahu, Hawaii, is an exemplary smoking pipe that seamlessly combines elegance and simplicity. This compact pipe showcases a beautifully designed beehive-inspired body, adorned with a sophisticated matte finish. The Beehive pipe also incorporates a convenient screw-on tar trap lid, offering seamless cleaning capabilities. Moreover, its innovative screenless bowl design eliminates the necessity for replacement screens. Rest assured, the longevity of this extraordinary pipe ensures it will accompany you for many years to come. Made in the USA.Includes Punchbowl drawstring pipe pouch and cleaning tool.Measurements: 1.20" H/ 3.5" W/ 1.06” DWeight: 2.62 oz.Material: BrassFinish: Matt Finished Surface
Punchbowl - Lava 3.5-Inch Brass Hand Pipe $49.99
The Lava hand pipe, crafted by Punchbowl in Oahu, Hawaii, is a remarkable and uncomplicated smoking pipe. This portable pipe impresses with its sleek dimple surface body that boasts a flawless mirror finish. Lava is particularly advantageous for travel due to its practical screw-on bowl cover, ensuring convenience on the go. In addition, the pipe is designed with a screw-on tar trap lid, facilitating effortless cleaning. With its screenless bowl, the need for screens is eliminated, further enhancing its user-friendly features. Rest assured, the durability of the Lava pipe guarantees years of reliable performance. Made in the USA.Includes Punchbowl drawstring pipe pouch and cleaning tool.Measurements: 1.25" H/ 3.5" W/ 0.95” DWeight: 2.54 oz.Material: BrassFinish: Mirror Polished Dimple Surface
Bad Ash
Bad Ash - Flat Dugout & One-Hitter Brass Pipe 5-Inch... $29.99
The Bad Ash Flat Dugout smoking system possesses an elegant and portable design, ensuring convenience. Featuring a matching mahogany 3-inch hybrid brass one-hitter pipe, the system is meticulously crafted with two distinguished carved slots for the one-hitter and ample space for herbs. Constructed from high-quality mahogany and other premium woods, this Flat Dugout offers durability and sophistication. Its magnetic lid ensures a secure seal, while the lipped edge effectively prevents any herb spillage when on-the-go. Made in Franklin, Indiana, USA. Compatible with Bad Ash - 3-inch hybrid brass & wood one-hitter. Includes:Flat DugoutHybrid Brass & Wood one-hitterLaser etched logo Weight: 2.68 oz.Measurement: 0.90" H/ 5" L/ 1.97" W
Punchbowl - Popeye 3.5-Inch Brass Hand Pipe $39.99
The Popeye hand pipe, ingeniously created by Punchbowl in Oahu, Hawaii, stands out as an exceptional smoking pipe. This meticulously crafted pipe boasts a flawlessly polished exterior, delivering a luxuriously smooth touch. What sets the Popeye pipe apart is its innovative design featuring a screw-on bowl and lid positioned on the lower section, enabling effortless access to the tar trap for convenient cleaning. Thanks to its skillfully engineered screenless bowl, the need for screens is completely eliminated. Engineered with utmost precision using top-quality brass, this pipe guarantees exceptional durability, ensuring an elegant aesthetic throughout every use. Cleaning this pipe is a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly disassemble the bowl and tar trap, detach the mouthpiece, and utilize your preferred cleaner. Made in the USA.Includes Punchbowl drawstring pipe pouch and cleaning tool.Measurements: 1.25" H/ 3.5" W/ 0.95” DWeight: 2.80 oz.Material: BrassFinish: Mirror Polished Surface
Lock-N-Load - 2.75-Inch Glass One Hitter Pipe $2.99
The Lock-N-Load one hitter glass pipe is your perfect travel companion. The screw-on top keeps your herb in place and conceals the smell while traveling. You can fit the one hitter almost anywhere, no need to lug around extra luggage for your smoking accessories. The pipe is small, made with 1.5mm thick pharmaceutical grade glass, which is easy to clean and safe for smoking your dry herb. A Lock-N-Load black logo is printed on the side of the one hitter.Measurements: 2.75" H/ 0.5" D
Fumo Forum
Fumo Pipe - Extension Chambers from $12.99
Fumo Pipe’s, extension chamber provides 4 times the amount of smoke accumulated in the chamber which allows delivery of a more powerful smoking experience. Simply twist off the billet aluminum body and place it on the Extension Chamber for greater enhancement.
Clean Buzz Technologies
Clean Buzz - CastAway Pipe System $39.95
CastAway Pipe System™ by Clean Buzz Technologies™, introduces the world’s first smoking pipe that uses an innovative disposable bowl liner called, “Trap the Crap™.” This new smoking pipe filters herbs and smoke in an aluminum liner filled with pat. pending proprietary ceramic trapper beads and a built-in stainless steel screen to deliver a cool, clean, smooth and tasty smoking experience. Trap the Crap™ bowl liner provides a hefty amount of room that can fill up to 0.3 grams of herbs. The first-stage of filtration of CastAway Pipe begins with the 60-mesh screen and travels down into the ceramic trapper beads for the second-stage. The CastAway Pipe is a simple lightweight 2 piece design made using anodized aluminum that contains the bowl housing and the screw on stem. After using the pipe between 15 - 20 times or if you begin to feel harsh hits, simply dispose of the used liner and insert a new one - align the hole with the stem. To remove the old bowl liner, simply push from the bottom. Once you remove the liner, some tar and resin will be visible -- you can give it a quick wipe using alcohol wipes to have a new clean pipe. Testing shows that between 200 and 300 milligrams of tar per about 1 gram of herbs is captured in each liner during use over several days. That is 200mg-300mg of harmful tar that is no longer settling into the lungs. CastAway Pipe is virtually indestructible, travel friendly, and proudly made in the USA. San Diego, California. Lifetime warranty. CastAway Pipe System includes: 1 CastAway Pipe and 3-pack Trap the Crap™ disposable bowl liners.  Available in 3 colors: Black, Blue & Red. Measurements: 0.75" H/ 3.5" W/ 1.125" D  Weight: 1.10 oz.
Fumo Forum
Fumo Pipe - Universal Clear Glass Bowl $7.99
Fumo Pipe Universal Glass Bowl quickly converts your Fumo Pipe from the standard stainless steel bowl, to having an upright Pyrex glass bowl design with the same amazing Fumo Pipe features. The universal bowl fits all Fumo Pipe construction by using a special molded, heat resistant rubber housing that sits tightly inside the existing stainless steel bowl. Experience Fumo Pipe with clearly a new taste. Includes: 1 – Glass Bowl1 – Heat Resistant Grommet Note: Glass bowl may slightly differ in shape and size.

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