Proto Pipe
Proto Pipe
Proto Pipe - Rocket 3-Inch Brass Hand Pipe $98.95
Introducing the original Proto Pipe Rocket, from the designer of the famous Proto Pipe! Proto Pipe Rocket is compact and features a permanent screen filter. Further built-in accessories include a 5 bowl equivalent extra herb storage compartment, cleaning poker rod, a swivel Bowl Top Clip for hand rolled and bottom swivel lid for the tar chamber. Made by hand from solid brass & brass components in California, a twenty-seven step process makes the Proto Pipe Rocket a true hand crafted art. Measurements: 1" H/ 1" L/ 3" W
Proto Pipe
Proto Pipe - Classic 3-Inch Brass Hand Pipe $89.95
Proto Pipe brought sheer convenience to pipe smokers and enthusiasts alike with a clever design, by attaching often used pipe accessories to a pipe! Proto Pipe Classic, formerly known as Proto Pipe Deluxe, is a permanent screen-less pipe built-in with a storage compartment, and a cleaning poker rod. Made from solid brass and brass components, the Proto Pipe Classic will never break, is really easy to clean, fits in any pocket and will last a lifetime. Proto Pipes features include; a deep bowl with a swivel lid, a storage unit fastened directly in the body which holds 5 bowls worth of herb and also works as a bowl tamper, a strong cleaning poker rod used to clean most parts of the pipe, a rubber mouthpiece and a Tar Trap found directly underneath the bowl that removes for complete cleaning. Made in USA. Proto Pipe Classic pioneered the design of attaching often used pipe accessories to a pipe! The pipe combines a storage unit that holds 5 bowls worth of herb, a cleaning poker rod and a Tar Trap which removes for easy cleaning. Made from 100% brass, Proto Pipe will last a lifetime. Measurements: 1" H/ 1" L/ 3" W
Proto Pipe
Proto Pipe - Brass Poker Rod $9.95
Proto Pipe original brass poker is available at your fingertips to conveniently stir and keep your bowl clean and maintain maximum airflow. Compatible with both the original Proto Pipe Classic and Proto Pipe Rocket. Handmade in USA.Measurements: 2.5" W/  0.12" D
Proto Pipe
Proto Pipe - Accessory Kit $12.95
Proto Pipe Accessory Kit includes the original brass cleaning poker rod, original black 100% neoprene rubber mouthpiece and buffing cloth. Keep your Proto Pipe Classic and Proto Proto Rocket Pipe looking like new. Works with both Proto models. Made in USA.Measurements: 0.12" D/ 2.5" W
Proto Pipe
Proto Pipe - Buffing Cloth $3.99
Proto Pipe Buffing Cloth works great to keep your Proto Pipe Classic and Proto Pipe Rocket looking like new. Buff away minor scratches, fingerprints and grease.Note: Wash hands completely after handling!Measurements: 5" L/  2.5" W
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Proto Pipe
Proto Pipe - Mouthpiece $4.95
Proto Pipe Mouthpiece is 100% neoprene rubber and fits both the Proto Pipe Classic and original Proto Pipe Rocket.Measurements: 0.65" W/ 0.30" D

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