SHOTGUN PIPES logo - WickiePipesSHOTGUN PIPES was founded in 2008 by skateboard industry leader Jeff Madrid. By integrating the same techniques used in manufacturing skateboards, Jeff brought his expertise and passion into the world of smoking pipes.

Back in the 70’s Jeff Madrid started manufacturing skateboards with his brother. A few years later they became the premier manufacturer in the industry. Besides their own “Madrid” brand, they manufactured skateboard decks for other companies. By the mid-80’s the Madrid skateboard brand was a top pro brand with many professional skaters. The brand was used in a few Hollywood movies such as the famous 1985 “Back To The Future,” and the 1986 “Thrashin.” Jeff's latest product, “SHOTGUN PIPES,” was developed with all the same passion he put into his skateboard brand.

SHOTGUN PIPES are handmade in Southern California using rock hard maple wood from the upper peninsula of Michigan, thick glass bowl liners, airtight lids, stainless steel screens and screws - which in turn makes SHOTGUN PIPES amazing to smoke with, easy to clean and virtually indestructible. SHOTGUN PIPES commitment to quality influences their every move. From concept to completion, SHOTGUN PIPES strives to deliver pipes that guarantee a superior smoking experience.


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