Starfish Designs came to show the world the first glass Gandalf in 2005, and ever since, they have been producing a piece of glass pipe that’s gone to become a landmark of what’s known as the Original Gandalf. The original Gandalf's are offered in 5 size varieties which includes a 3 inch, 7 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch and the massive 22 inch King Gandalf. Starfish Designs has expanded to offer glass lovers their Armory edition consisting of replica Hand Grenades, Shotgun Shells and 50 Caliber Bullet pipes, as well their brand new line of Nightwatchman's inspired by the Sherlock design that’s 12 inches long and offering a straight raised chamber. All Starfish Designs glass blown are produced in USA using 100% U.S. made borosilicate glass and stamped with an authentication star on each pipe.

Starfish Designs

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