Hand Pipes
Steven Mattern Design + Build
SMDB - Santa Feo Pipe $116.99
The Santa Feo Pipe by Steven Mattern Design + Build tops the measure of amazing craftsmanship, design and functionality combined into this amazing pipe. Santa Feo Pipe defines the ultimate meaning of what a novelty pipe looks like, nevertheless, how it smokes. Simply rotate the gears to unveil its three individual bowls to enjoy the finest materials offered, keep turning to close. Hand made in USA.
Steven Mattern Design + Build
SMDB - Storage Pipe $91.99
The Storage Pipe by Steven Mattern Design + Build is made by hand to perfection. It offers a lid for both the bowl & built-in storage to conveniently keep extra material. Stacked upon layers of wood makes the Storage Pipe tough and durable wherever you go. The Storage Pipe offers a steady grip, is lightweight and fits in your pocket for easy traveling. The heavy duty magnets deliver outstanding surety for the bowl and storage area to remain secure while providing easy access when you need it. Made in USA.
Steven Mattern Design + Build
SMDB - California Pipe $66.99
The California Pipe by Steven Mattern Design + Build is a custom hand made miniature replica of the State Of California. The California Pipe is a functional smoking pipe made of wood that swivels right or left to unveil the bowl and snuff out tobacco. It has heavy duty magnets to make sure California stays safe in your pocket, and looks good when you take it out. Made in USA.
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Steven Mattern Design + Build
SMDB - Baby Gear Head Pipe $104.99
The Baby Gear Head Pipe by Steven Mattern Design + Build displays the real characteristics of a true gear head. Whether you’re into racing, watch making or you’re an admirer of the sophisticated process how gears put things in motion, than without a doubt you’ll appreciate the handmade Baby Gear. Just rotate the gears to open and close the bowl and enjoy your favorite gear head style. Made in USA.

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