Metal Pipes | Highest Rated Metal Smoking Pipes

Metal Pipes | Highest Rated Metal Smoking Pipes

When it comes to smoking pipes, you have to make a decision on what type of material you want to use. Smoking pipes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and materials. Some of these materials include glass pipes, wood pipes, rubber, plastic, and metal pipes. If you are in the market for a brand-new metal pipe, you are in the right place. Today, we are going to talk about the very best metal pipe that WickiePipes has to offer from a variety of the top brands including Chill Gear, Journey Pipe, Genius Pipe, Piece Pipe, Budbomb, and Mendo Pipe.

Chill Gear Pipes

Chill Gear is a family owned and operated business located in Vancouver, Washington. Their vision is to create a smoking product unlike any other, and that is exactly what they have done. Each Chill Gear product is made with the highest quality aluminum and hand assembled to ensure quality every time. Their metal pipes include the oil pod hand pipe and the flower pod hand pipe. 

Oil Pod Hand Dab Pipe

The Oil Pod Hand Dab Pipe by Chill Gear is perfect for on-the-go adventures or just daily use around the house. Most dab rigs that you will find are huge and are not very portable. They sure as heck won’t fit inside of your pocket. That’s not the case with this guy. The oil pod is a compact and sleek dabber that is virtually indestructible and great for any outdoor activities. This metal pipe includes a grade 2 titanium plate, built-in hot stick, built-in storage container, a swivel lid to cap your oils, is dishwasher safe, and so much more. Get the Oil Pod Hand Pipe in 7 colors: black, green, orange, purple, silver, turquoise, and drab for just $74.99. 

Flower Pod Hand Pipe

The Flower Pod Hand Pipe by Chill Gear is very similar to the oil pod hand pipe except it is made for dry herb rather than dabs. Made from grade 2 titanium, this metal pipe features a built-in storage container, swivel lid to cap your herb, and it is dishwasher and freezer safe. Choose this piece in 6 colors: black, green, orange, purple, red, and silver for just $59.99.

Journey Pipes

Journey Pipe stands at the forefront of innovation, design, and convenience in producing cutting-edge smoking devices that smokers appreciate. The signature screen-less and clog free Filter-Gap Technology makes these metal pipes effective and efficient. 

Journey3 Pipe

Journey3 Pipe is an amazing revolutionary smoking device designed with Filter Gap Technology. Filter Gap Technology eliminates clogging and the need for screens. Made from zinc alloy, Journey does not break, stays cool to the touch, and delivers clean smoke. This pipes heavy duty magnets on the lid and body prevent spills and air leaks from occurring. Grab the Journey3 Pipe in 3 colors: midnight black, twilight silver, and rose gold for $39.99. 

Journey4 Pipe

The Journey4 Pipe expanded on the Filter Gap Technology by adopting the V-Gap Filter Technology. This eliminates clogging and the use of screens while allowing for not only dry herb but concentrates to be smoked out of this one multi-purposed pipe. Journey4 offers an industry first exterior silicone design and stainless-steel interior which makes it indestructible and cool to the touch. Choose your Journey4 metal pipe in 2 colors: black and red for $39.99 each. 

Genius Pipe Original

Genius Pipe is the brainchild behind 20 years of intensive research by a Ukrainian scientist in the field of fluid dynamics. The goal of his research was to discover the most efficient way to cool things without the use of water. As a result, we have the Genius Pipe. 

I have to say; the Genius Pipe Original is one of my all-time favorite metal pipes.

Made right here in the United States, Genius Pipe filters out 95% of all tar and resin so that smoke comes out smoother and cleaner than you could imagine. Plus, using water filtration techniques known as Dimple-Surface Technology, genius Pipe cools down and filters smoke using 2,000 individual dimples machines inside the body of this metal pipe. The sleek and slim design makes the Genius Pipe small enough to fit in your pocket. Choose this metal pipe in 5 colors: silver, black, gold, green, and purple for $99.99. 

Piece Pipe

Piece Pipe is the stealthiest smoking device you will ever find. Elegantly designed and expertly made from Swedish metals, you don’t want to miss out on this patented technology. The Piece Pipe collection includes a chrome or brass Piece Pipe disguised as a key ring. This compact metal pipe holds up to three bowls with built-in storage, stays cool to the touch, and is odorless, making it the perfect travel companion. Get yours today for just $39.99. 


Budbomb is a very cool and innovative screen less brass pipe bat that is compact, completely self-contained, and features a built-in helix system that cools and filters smoke. 

When you want to use it, simply unscrew the bowl to fill it with herb and screw it back on for a smooth, discreet smoke. Budbomb not only smokes cool, it shines like a superstar with a glossy plated coating. The Budbomb metal pipe is great for on-the-go smoking and comes standard with a lifetime warranty. 

Choose the Budbomb in 4 unique colors: gunmetal gray, gold, black and silver for $49.99 each. 

Mendo Pipe Original

The Mendo Pipe Original is an all-time favorite and one of the classics over here at WickiePipes. This metal pipe comes to you directly from the designer of the famous Proto Pipe. This compact and indestructible piece features a permanent screen filter eliminating the need for screens. 

Other built-in accessories that the Mendo Pipe includes is an herb storage compartment that holds up to 5 bowls, cleaning poker rod, a swivel bowl top clip to securely hold hand rolled joints and blunts, and a bottom swivel lid to access the tar chamber. 

Crafted from solid brass and brass components right here in California, see why this twenty-seven step process makes the Mendo Pipe a true hand-crafted piece of art. Get yours today for $69.99.

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