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Chameleon Glass | Glass Pipes Handcrafted in USA

Chameleon Glass | Glass Pipes Handcrafted in USA

Chameleon Glass works hard to create glass pipes that are functional and unlike any other glass out there today. They offer fumed glass spoon pipes, color changing Sherlocks, and mini style water pipes. Over 20 years of experience behind the flame has allowed them to produce amazing UV-Reactive & glow-in-the-dark glass pipes made only by Chameleon Glass. Their original techniques provide the sharp patterns you’ll find in their designs, while top-notch quality control ensures they deliver you a smoking pipe you’ll enjoy. Chameleon Glass products are produced using borosilicate glass here in the USA.

Today, we are going to talk about the top 9 Chameleon Glass pipes known to man. 

1.   Ashcatcher Color Changing 5-Inch Spoon Pipe

The Ashcatcher Spoon Pipe is an original piece by Chameleon Glass. It is 5” inches in length and features a special mouthpiece that is pinched inward to prevent ash from getting into your mouth, hence the name Ashcatcher. This spoon pipe has a silver fumed glass finish that changes colors over time transforming this piece into beautiful shades of blue and green. Grab this simple yet elegant glass pipe today for just $24.99. 

2.   Ashcatcher Color Changing 5-Inch Sherlock Pipe

Ashcatcher Sherlock Glass Pipe is 5” inches in length and features the same great ashcatcher mouthpiece as the spoon pipe. The biggest difference between the two is that this is a Sherlock pipe so it is curved and not straight like the spoon. It offers the same great color changing effects and is made in the USA from high-quality borosilicate glass. Check it out for $26.99. 

3.   Ashcatcher Color Chaning 5-Inch Stand Up Sherlock Pipe

The Ashcatcher Stand Up Sherlock Pipe by Chameleon Glass is another great piece with a pretty amazing design. Most Sherlocks that you see won’t stand up straight like a water pipe. But not this Sherlock! The Ashcatcher stand up Sherlock pipe features an upright design with the same great ashcatcher features and color changing abilities. Pick one up today for only $26.99. 

4.   Northern Lights 5-Inch Frosted Spoon Pipe

Have you ever experienced Northern Lights? This pipe takes the beauty of the Alaskan Northern Lights and puts them right inside this elegant spoon pipe. This 5” inch pipe by Chameleon Glass is a classic being handcrafted with a vivid swirled pattern that is truly a work of art. It is also finished with frosted glass for a matte appearance that offers a rugged touch. See Northern Lights Glass Pipe like never before for $39.99. 

5.   Fire in The Sky UV-Reactive 5-Inch Wig Wag Spoon Pipe

Fire in The Sky UV-Reactive by Chameleon Glass is a 5” inch spoon pipe made by Chameleon Glass. This classic smoking pipe features a hefty deep bowl and is handcrafted with a beautiful wig wag swirled pattern that resembles the elements fire and sky. The side carb gives you the ability to control airflow for the optimal performance, while the compact size is perfect for the busy on-the-go smoker. The UV reactive glass is designed to create a bright and majestic glow under black lights. Grab Fire in The Sky for $49.99. 

6.   Monsoon Inline 6-Inch Spoon Bubbler

Chameleon Glass Monsoon Inline Spoon Bubbler is a perfectly designed compact bubbler made by Chameleon Glass. The Monsoon spoon bubbler features an inline percolator and is made from two-tone borosilicate glass. This bubbler is famous for its innovative spill-proof mechanism which allows smoke to easily bubble through water but makes it virtually impossible for the water to escape from the bubbler. Handcrafted in the USA, find the Monsoon Bubbler in 4 colors: black, blue, clear & green for just $64.99.

7.   Safari Reptile 5-Inch Spoon Pipe

Chameleon Glass has done it again with another great design. The Safari Reptile 5” inch spoon pipe is a classic handcrafted piece that uses an original technique to define a true reptile pattern. With its hefty bowl, side carb for controlled airflow, and its compact size, the Safari Reptile has it all. Enjoy thick borosilicate glass blown in the USA that will ensure your piece lasts for many years with proper treatment. Are you feeling adventurous? Order this safari reptile spoon pipe today for just $74.99. 

8.   Woody 9-Inch Gandalf Pipe

Wow, is what everyone is going to say when you break out your Woody 9-inch Gandalf Glass Pipe made by the one and only Chameleon Glass. This one of a kind 9” inch smoking pipe is handcrafted with a rich, grainy wood appearance and frosted rugged feel. Woody Gandalf delivers the amazing fresh taste that glass provides but with the beautiful appearance of wood. The sophisticated long stem ensures the smoothest hits allowing the smoke time to cool down while it travels to your lungs. Additional features include a carb hole and roll stopper that provides increased stability and prevents spillage. Grab the Woody Gandalf Pipe and make your herb disappear for just $89.99. 

9. Monsoon Inline 8-inch Sherlock Bubbler

The Monsoon Inline 8-inch Sherlock Bubbler is a beautifully created bubbler made by Chameleon Glass in the USA. This handcrafted piece features inline percolators and is made of high-quality clear cane finished borosilicate glass. The amazing Monsoon Sherlock struts its innovative spill-proof design which allows smoke to easily bubble through water but makes it virtually impossible for the water to escape from the bubbler. Add this beauty to your collection for just $139.99.

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