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Hightanium Design | CP2 Titanium One-Hitter Pipes

Hightanium Design | CP2 Titanium One-Hitter Pipes

Hightanium Design, LLC was started by a couple in 2015 after a friend of theirs was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He came to the requesting a cleaner way to smoke for pain relief without having to use aluminum or breakable glass. At this point in time, they were running a business focused on developing prototypes for neurology ophthalmology surgery. So, they happened to have some titanium on hand. After some brainstorming, the couple was able to come up with the very first titanium one hitter. Ever since the first titanium pipe, Hightanium has been continuing to research and optimize their product. One thing has not changed, they continue to use CP2 (commercially pure) titanium so that their pipes smoke like glass every time.

Vagabond – One Hitter

The Vagabond One-Hitter by Hightanium Design is made using a special two-step coloring process that produces the unique appearance that the Vagabond offers. With shades of yellow, orange, purple, blue, and green, the Vagabond one hitter is intricate and eye catching. 

The Vagabond is a beautifully hand-made titanium pipe that comes with a convenient screw on bowl available in 3 different sizes: regular, large, and x-large. The bowl even features grooves on the side designed for optimum heat absorption and grip. Best of all, the Vagabond One-Hitter is three inches long weighing practically nothing and can fit easily in your pocket or bag. 

For a smoking experience like never before, this high-quality titanium one-hitter is what you need. Not only can titanium withstand tremendous levels of heat, the smoke stays cool while it passes through the pipe into your lungs. Get yours today for $39.99. 

The Outlaw – One Hitter

The Outlaw One-Hitter by Hightanium Design is made for the smoker who desires to be very inconspicuous. This one-hitter can easily fit right into your dugout, cigarette pack, pocket, or even your handbag. 

The beautifully hand-made Outlaw titanium one-hitter comes with a cool screw on bowl that is smooth from end to end. Also, since these bowls are removable, you can customize the size of the bowl by choosing a regular, large, or extra-large bowl. Best of all, the design of the small intake in the bowl combined with a large chamber for air flow eliminates the blast of ashes that come in your mouth with traditional metal pipes and one hitters. 

If you are tired of using low quality metal or glass pipes that can easily break, it’s time you tried the Hightanium Design pipes. The Outlaw one-hitter is a great place to start and can be purchased for only $39.99.  

The Why Not – One Hitter

The Why Not One-Hitter by Hightanium Design is somewhat of a hybrid between The Outlaw and the Vagabond. Made from 100% pure grade titanium, this pipe is one of the best smoking and freshest tasting one-hitters available. 

The Why Not pure titanium one-hitter provides a clean smoking experience made from CP2 (commercially pure) titanium. With a taste as smooth as glass, you can rest assured knowing that you are enjoying your herb through pure titanium and not some cheap harmful metal. 

In a rather ingenious manner, The Why Not is threaded to allow both the end and the resin catch to be removed for super easy cleaning. Best of all, it can easily fit in your dugout, pocket, cigarette pack, or bag. Get yours today for the low price of $29.99.

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