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The Journey Pipe - Three Piece Clog Proof Pipes

The Journey Pipe - Three Piece Clog Proof Pipes

In a previous article we discussed the Journey3 and Journey4, two revolutionary pipes made by The Journey Pipe. In this article we’ll go over the differences and similarities between the Journey2, Journey3, and Journey4. 

The Journey Pipe is an amazing revolutionary smoking device designed with Filter Gap Technology - it eliminates clogging, the use of screens while delivering cool smooth smoke. Journey doesn't break and stays cool to the touch. The innovative sealed in magnets on the lid and body prevents air leaks and spills. The snap-action lid swivels left or right to smoke, distinguish herbs and acts as storage unit for easy traveling. 

Cleaning your Journey takes less than 30 seconds. Simply pop Journey open, give it a quick wipe with a damp tissue paper, or for thorough cleaning use hot water and dish soap and snap it back together. The three-piece build makes it incredibly easy to clean. 

Design and Material

All three pipes come in a very sleek design. With a nice, flat, mouthpiece, the Journey Pipes make inhaling very comfortable and natural. The teardrop shape of the pipe is very ergonomic and it fits naturally in your hand. All three models have the same basic shape. 

The Journey2 and Journey3 Pipes are made entirely from solid Zinc alloy and plated to brilliant finish. This metal finish makes it smooth and sleek while also making it easy to slide in and out of your pocket. The metal is heat resistant and easy to clean. 

The Journey4 Pipe is manufactured from a stainless-steel interior and adds a layer of silicone on the exterior that the Journey2 and Journey3 do not include. This high-temperature silicone is an ideal material for the Journey4 because it’s healthy, protects your fingers by keeping the exterior cool, and it’s extremely comfortable to hold. Journey Pipes uses only premium high-temperature silicone, FDA approved for mouth contact. The silicone is not only a functional addition, but a stylish one as well. 

Due to the high-quality metals used in all pipes, these pipes will not break and will last you a very long time. The silicone addition to the Journey4 is a matter of preference, some like the additional grip, and some prefer the metal, which is easier to slide in and out of one’s pocket. Regardless of your preference, you’re sure to enjoy all three models of the pipe. 

Method of Consumption

The Journey2 and Journey3 can be used with tobacco, herb, or other dry products. One of the best parts about the Journey4 is that it can be used with concentrates. 

Carefully heat your Journey4 with a torch then drop your favorite extracts onto the raised center bowl, and you can vape your concentrates! The silicone prevents the pipe from getting too hot to the touch. It’s truly an all-in-one pipe. 


The Journey Pipes are commonly referred to as some of the easiest pipes to clean. Cleaning these pipes takes less than 30 seconds. 

The Journey2 and Journey3 are easily cleaned with olive oil or warm water and soap. Because the pipe has three pieces you can pop apart, you can easily wipe the inside of the bowl without having to use pipe cleaners or cotton swabs. Olive oil is a great medium for removing gunk. It slides right off! 

The Journey4 is just as easy to clean, use warm water and soap to clean the three separate parts of the pipe, and it’s good as new! 

Filter-Gap Technology 

One of the coolest features that both the Journey Pipes come with is the Filter Gap Technology. This patent-pending technology means no more screens and no more smoking unhealthy tars that clog your pipe. The vertical gap at the base of the bowl makes the filter impossible to clog (if you clean it every few bowls). The 200-micron filter is so efficient that it only lets the cleanest smoke and vapor through, every time. The Journey2 and Journey3 are equipped with Filter Gap Technology, and the Journey4 has the new and improved V-Gap Filter Technology. The Journey4 is the most advanced screen-less system yet. 

Snap-Action Lid 

As if these pipes didn’t already have enough cool features, the Journey Pipes come with highly magnetized snap-action lids for fast and convenient access. Just slide your lid to the left or right, pack your bowl, and light it up. If you want to extinguish your herb, just cover it up with the swivel lid. This snap-action lid also doubles as a cover to store your product while traveling. Pre-pack a bowl, cover it up with the lid, and you are good to go. This snap-action lid is held together by a high-powered magnet, which makes it super easy to use and travel with. You can throw the pipe in your pocket without fear of the herb falling out. 


The Journey2, like the rest of the pipes, has a three-piece build that makes it easy to clean and use. The Jounrey2’s bowl is slightly smaller than the Journey3 and Journey4, making it a great option for those who don’t smoke as much or want a smaller pipe to travel with. Weighing just 5 ounces and 4 inches in length, this is one of the most lightweight metal pipes on the market. The Journey2 is available in matte silver and black for $39.99.  


The Journey3 Pipe consists of a clever three-piece design that sticks together with a high-powered magnet. The Journey3 weighs roughly 4.5 oz and is 3.9” in length, 0.8” in width, and 1.1” in height. This Zinc alloy pipe comes in three colors: Black, Twilight Silver & Rose Gold. For just $49.99 you can pick up your Journey3 pipe at WickiePipes. 


The Journey4 Pipe consists of an ingenious three-piece design that sticks together with a high-powered magnet. The Journey4 weighs roughly 1.75 oz and is 4.2” in length, 1.2” in width, and 0.9” in height. This pipe comes in 2 colors: Black and Red. For just $49.99 you can pick up your Journey4 pipe at WickiePipes.

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